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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Cues/Comments - Challenge
Rich Reel   14 Sep 2003

(not sorted by level)

"O" my goodness!  (trouble with "O" call)  -Anne Uebelacker
PatchTheGirls "they're leaking"  -Anne Uebelacker
(fantom columns everyone far apart) "Far out!"
C3A [0C] WindTheBobbin "G are appealing"
Drop Nothing  "lest you break something"
"do something nude" (SomethingNew)  -Vic Ceder
SingleRotarySpin  "...and you turn yourselves around..."
"get out of harm's way, harm will come in and..."  (for calls that have phantoms doing some other part)  -Mike Jacobs
"Fold The Beaus"  (Beaus Fold)
Checkmate "check lines"
4 person Stars = "pointless diamonds"  -Mike Jacobs
"clap with the other hand" (for LeftWheelThru, etc.)
CrissCrossThe.......Shadow (or Neighbor)
CrossChainThru "to face the outside 2"
"circ up" for PerkUp
<anything> Reaction: caller says: "when!" or asks "when?"
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