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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Cues/Comments - Mainstream
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002
RvFlt "LEFT arm(hand) go get 'er and you bring 'er on back"
Wk&Dg "Who walks, who dodges WITHOUT TURNING?"
Tag "the line you're in"
FanTp "Who Casts by the left 3/4? Who moves up?"
[LO] "ends start by backing up" Ca3/4
"with the same 4 people" SpTop Twice
[2W] G-Walk, B-Dodge (subtle way to cue to sashayed arrangement)
[5W] FanTp "with his L hand"  -John Sybalsky
"(1) Put-'er-in-the-lead DIX-ie style (...(1) y') make-an OC-ean wave"
"nobody let go of hands" Cpl.H
"look at the line you're in" 1/2Tg
zero: B-Fold G-TrnTh StrTh Prom
...SpTop RLT RollA BxGnt SldTh Sw&Pr
[0B] zero: BxGnt SqTh4 E-Fold Sw&Pr
H-4 DoSaD MakWv B-XRun G-XRun SwThr Twice G-Trd Recyc  -Larry Letson
[F] Tag E-UTurn changes sequence
[L.C] Grand Clovr "go to the right, follow the leader, big arc, stop with centers meeting nose-to-nose"
Un-call e.g. call to AL but call...
  SwThr  B-Run  BendL  RLT
  then say "oops that's not what I wanted ... <pause> ... I've always wanted to try this..."
  (be sure to cue dancers and warn them of the hazards of backing up!...)
  UN-RLT  UN-B-Run ("boys UN-run")  UN-Hinge  UN-SwThr  UN-StepW  AL!

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