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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Cues/Comments - Plus
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002
cue: LChas "L handhold" (different way to say L-H wave)
cue: "B think about the G behind you" PeelO
[B/G in a Diamond]  "boys cut yourselves"  -Vic Ceder
PeelT: "she/he's a-peeling"
B-Run &Roll to look at her ear
[TW] LnCyc cue: "looking for couples back to back in the center"
B-Run-&Roll "to look at her ear"
Sining call: after FYNbr: "Spread a little, swing a lot"  ---Andy Shore
TrdWv "no peeking" / "don't peek"
FYNbr "and smile"
Add a twist to Tea Cup Chain: every time the girls come out to turn 1/2 on the
  outside, instead, turn a full turn and send the boys in. When the boys come
  out, again turn a full turn to send the girls in. The flow has girls
  progressing to the right, then the boys progress to the right to catch up
  with them. Go 64 beats (twice the normal TeaCC) to end back at home.
[W] If next call is Recyc  have one wave (optionally) TrdWv, then All Recyc.
   This does not change the ending postion
B-Cir, G-"smile" ("grin", etc.)  as if cueing AcDcy

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