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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Square Resolution - Challenge
Rich Reel   14 Sep 2003
C3A  [TW] (Cross)Concentric SwitchToADiamond-&Roll (B in center) 1/2-Truck G-PressAhead (at home)  -Anne Uebelacker

C3A  > v v  Phantom Fascinate (at home)  -Anne Uebelacker
     >  <
    ^ ^ <

C2  Rotary LA ("C go 3/4") RLG
C1  [F2p] Tandem CtsyT Prom  -Anne Uebelacker

at home [0F]/[L.0F] HalfCrazy Lockit BendL
C3  [LO] CentralEaseOff (= Trd &Roll) RLG  -Lee Kopman
[L.F2p] Slip EG-RippleTheWave Prom
[L1p] TurnTheKey RLG  (unusual)  -Lee Kopman
[5W2p] 1/4Thru FlipBack RLG  -Ben Rubright
gimmick: [W1p] All8CouterRotate Hubs AND Rims Trade Back RLG
at home: [B] Rotary ChDTL
[5W2p] FullCrazy Scoot RLG  -Mike Jocobs
at home: [C] TransferAnd CoupleUp
[W1p] "skip the odd parts" Reset RLG  (Hinge Twice)
[B] HalfCrazy CircleLeft1/4 RLG  (or AL)  -Vic Ceder
[L1p] RelayTheShadow RLG
 ^ ... "second half of a half sashay" RLG
at home: [L] EightBy "square your set"
secuence [W] ReverseExplode Vertical1/2Tag Weave
at home: [T] Finish GrandChain8
[L.5F2p] CouplesTwosome CouterRotateTwice
[W2p] AhSo RevolveToAWave RLG
[W] ChangeLanes LA
[LO] E-CrossKickoff RLG
ZipCode1 RLG
opener: PairOff FanRelayTheDeucey Extend RLG
WithConfidence Prom
[B] Left-ChainTheSquare Prom
at home: [B] OwnTheCenters-CoupleUp-By-PassIn
sequence [B] Circle1/2By1/2
[L.C] Peel "and don't trail" RLG  -Barry Clasper
Prom DontS H-WheelTheOcean Weave RLG
WhlDl C-Sweep-SplitSwap
CounterRotate 1-1/2 RLG   (like A8Cir 1-1/2)
3By1 Transfer AL  (nice: centers w L-H, E facing for AL)  -Del Powell
at home: [LO] HalfCrazy QuarterIn
sequence: [3F1p]/[4F1p] C-Wk&Dg, E-CounterRotate-&Roll [0B1p]/[5B1p]
t-bone: Regroup RLG  -Vic Ceder
[Llo] SwitchToADiamond AL  -Wayne Alexander
at home: [LO] HubsTrade SlideThru  -Wayne Alexander
[TF]/[TL] Concentric StepAndFold   (a lot to think about)
[W] FYNbr FlipTheLine  (reversal of flow if they don't Sprd)
[M] Tandem (Leaders)RightRollToAWave
[W] RelayTheTop preserves 0 or 5 arrangement (only) and advances all dancers CW 1/4 (for R-H wave) preserving pairing
[5W1p]+A8Cir: OwnTheHeads CounterRotate By A8Cir RLG
Funny 8Chn3 AL  -Rob French
[TW] TripleWave StepAndFold AL
InitiallyCrossConcentric CrossAndWheel Rrom
StepAndFold PeelAndTrail RLG  (same as SwThr RLG)
SwingTheFractions "but make the last one" RLG
[L2p] SplitCouterRotate Stable-T1/4 AL  (same as SldTh PasTh)
[T] TripleBox LTurnT RLG  (same as AL)
[W] CrossBack CrossBy RLG  -Ett McAtee
[P] OnceRemoved	DixiS Prom
[1B] Rotary Hinge RLG
[5T] CounterRotate RLG
at home: Intially HalfCrazy Counter CoupleUp
[0W1p] TalyHo Ext RLG
Prom DontS H-WheelTheOcean Weave RLG
[W]/[F] CouterRotate C-Twice A-QuarterIn  <at home>
biggie: 4LChn H-BxGnt "split"-DixiG  -Vic Ceder
Switch 3X RLG  -Mike Jacobs
[5W2p] Lockit Lockit RLG = Lockit ReverseExplode AL
"Walk Out To an AL"
CrossCloveAnd QuarterOut RLG  -Andy Shore
HubsTrade UTurn Prom
[T] LinesPassInThru <at home>  -Del Powel
Tandem CrossRollToAWave RLG
[W] Lockit ReverseExplode AL
Switch 3X Prom
[L.F] BendL Vertical1/2Tg Weave RLG
[W] Concentric TrainlToADiamond AL  -Mike Jacobs
H-ReverseTheTop All Boys Truck
Reverse CutTheGalaxy Prom  -Mike Jacobs
[W] 2/3Recycle Weave RLG
[L.W] Vertical DixiG  -Rob French
[M] TrailToADiamond RLG
[L.5F2p] Mix Prom
ShakeAndRattle Twice RLG
[0B] all paired out of order: FacingRecyc RLG
ScaterScoot Twice   (changes sequence?)
RotaryCirculate  (changes sequence?)
[B] HalfCrazy PassIn RLG (or AL)
at home: StretchZing E-Roll
^ ^ . . v v ^ ^ . . v v TripleLine CrossFire PromH
Lockaer's Choice Twice RLG
Stable PromH
[M] TrailToADiamond RLG
Bingo Twice RLG
CrossChainThru Twice RLG
FollowYourLeader "keep following all the way home"  -Vic Ceder
at home: OwnTheBelles CoupleUp By 2StepsAtATime
[W] SplitPhantomBoxes Stable Mix  -Clark Baker  (feels like double truck)
RLG = CrossBy CrossBy CrossBy CrossBy  -Clark Baker
[F.D] RemakeTheDiamond  (starts with LH)
for Concentric call ending in [B] that dancers think [L]: AL
Twisted TwistTheLine
AsCouples Stable Mirror PromH (like backup Prom 3 steps)
[W] LockersChoice Twice RLG
[W] DriftApart Prom
[L.TL] Checkpoint Prom by Prom
[LO] StepAndFlip RLG
[F]/[L.F] Bounce RLG  (self correcting)  -Clark Baker
[L] Stretch TurnAndDeal RLG  -Clark Baker
[B] SquareChainThru TurnTheStar "a lot more than you usually do" AL  -Clark Baker
[L.TW] HalfCrazy Lockit AL
[TW] HalfCrazy FanTp RLG  -Clark Baker
[W] CrossYourNeighbor Prom
[L.F] TradeTheDeucy Prom
[L.F] TradeTheDiamond Prom
CloverAnd 1/4Out AL
[LO] ChasR C-AL-ToAWave RLG
Stable UnwrapTheColumn
InitiallyCentral Scramble
Stable WrapToADiamond
comment: BeauHop / BeausRun / etc. "Boeing"
H-AlterTheWave TurnTheStar1/4
CrossBack RLG
[X.C] Magic Transfer(The Column) RLG
[P] ZipCode1 RLG (AL)
changes sequence and handedness: AlterTheWave
[0B1p]? ExchangeTheBoxes RLG
[L] T1/4 WalkOutToAWave RLG
[B] (everyone paired) TalleyHo getout
change sequence: SplitRecyc Recyc (or AhSo)
[?W2p] SwThr SwapTheWave AL
[5P] Initially StretchBox RLG
StackTheLine StakW
PlanAhead E-Roll AL
[T] + C-PasIn + C-PasTh: WheelAnd "you're home!"
Vertical DixiG
[W] TheK Prom
ZipCode1 RLG
Mirror CrossCycle Twice Prom
[5W2p] ? SwThr SwapTheWave AL
[Lio] PatchTheBeaus AL
[W] ReverseExplode SnapTheLoack
ShakeAndRattle &Roll AL
[L.W] 1/4TheDeucy "quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, corner" AL
[Lxx] Trapeziod ShakeDown &Roll Prom

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