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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Advanced Choreo
Rich Reel   4 Oct 2003
[C] TransferAnd PartnerTag [B]
[0B]/[0L] DoubleStarThru &Roll SwapArounf (or ReverseSwapAround)  (adds some flow)
[Q] Ext PassAndRoll  (call quickly to get the feel of facing dancers)
[LO] WheelAndSpread C-PasTh [I.L]
[B] A-WheelThru Beaus-Run
[B] SwingAndMix  (facing couples rule)
[B]/[L] PassOut 1/4In  (= BxGnt)
AsCouples SCirW
AsCouples ChasR
SCirW Slither
[L.F] HSash Slither [L.W]  (e.g. [L.F] C-Cir A-WhlAr HSash Slither)
[B] DixiS TripleTrade
TransferAnd ScootAndWeave
! TransferAnd BoxCounterRotate &Sprd [3-1]
[L] E-PasTh E-Run &Roll Split...
[RB] CloverAnd ScootAndWeave
[QB] 3X-F-PasTh  (F = "those who can")
[RB] (Cross)CloverAnd BoxCounterRotate &Sprd [3-1]
[LO] E-Bend -T1/4 F-PasTh [RB]
SplitCounterRotate AndCross
[L.C] TransferTheColumn "who's left on the hook?"
S-2LCh3 (HB-"turn her") AsCouples TeaCC  -Andy Shore
All8 ChDTL
! LSwTh TurnAndDeal
[1L]/[2L]/[1B]/[2B] SqThr-"G-3,B-4" A8Cir Split... (or B-3,G-4: gender that goes 4 starts the Split...)
[TW] CrossTrailThru
[0D] DiamondChainThru "and the"-G-Cir
[L.F] CrossOverCirculate BendL  (nice flow)
[3-1] E-Bend -T1/4 [C]
StepAndSlide PeelAndTrail
CloverAnd Expl&
RightRollToAWave 3X
[QB] C-BoxCounterRotate -&Roll -&Sprd
[W] C-BoxCounterRotate -&Roll [3-1]

[L.W] C-Run CrossOverCirculate
[W] C-SingleWheel-PassAndRoll
[W] Expl& Hinge
[SS] H-T1/4 G-T1/4 A-ZigZag (everyone FaceR) Split...  (starts 90deg off typical E-Bend setup)
^ ^ ^ ... "line of 3"-StepAndSlide  -Bill Eyler
[SS] H-(Reverse)SwapAround CrossCloverAnd TripleStarThru [0LO]
[SS] H-CrossTrailThru H-"to your L"-Pr1/4 TripleStarThru "sides start it" [0LO]  (call without pause)
[TF]/[TL]/[L.TL]/[L.TF]  C-WhlDl O-SingleWheel [3-1L]
[D] FlipD Slither (= Cut.D)
[SS] H-PasTh SepA1 "to a line"-&Roll Split...  -Vic Ceder
[SS] H-SplitSquareThru-"on 3 make a wave"  [TW]
[LO] BendL E-Roll Split...
[3LO] (B ends) B-Bend  (or if G ends: G-Bend)
[SS] H-PasTh (or SwapAround, ReverseSwapAround, etc.) CrossCloverAnd TripleStarThru
[TW] HalfBreedThru
[W] ScootAndDodge Beaus-Fold (A-VeerL)
[W] ScootAndDodge PartnerHinge
[W] ScootAndDodge SingleWheel
[L.W] ScootAndDodge Belles-Fold
! [L] DixiS 1/4Tg [Q]
[F] Lockit
[L]/[B] RLT Belles-Cross "and" Cross
[SS] H-All4CouplesRLT, S-PassTheSea-Mix [0Q]
[L] DixiS SwThr 3/4Thru (or 1/4Thru) [X.D]  (emphasizes R-H rule)
[L] SquareChainThru SpinTheWindmillLeft [L.W]
[SS] SplitSquareThru SpinTheWindmillLeft [L.W]
[B] DivTh SpinTheWindmillIn [Lir]  (nice flow)
[Q] PingP SpinTheWindmillIn [Lir]  (nice flow)
[W] Ext CrossCloverAnd Lockit [Q]
[SS] H-T1/4 (or LT1/4) &Sprd A-Ca3/4 ("centers forward") [Lri]/[Lli]
[Lro]/[Llo] E-Cir-Twice, C-ChasR [F]
[Lro]/[Llo] LeadsRightRollToAWave [TW]
[2L] SqThr "G-3, B-4" A8Cir B-Twice VC-Cross TransferAnd G-WhlDl [1P]  (TransferAnd from trailers in [L.F])
[L.F] C-Cir A-SingleWheel [C]  (nice flow)
[L.F] C-Cir PartnerHinge AcDcy  (nice flow)
[W] C-BoxCounterRotate-&Roll
[F] Feris C-VeerL Belles-PasTh 6-2-AcDcy
[P] DPT Belles-QuarterIn TransferAnd WhlDl
[SS] H-SwThr, S-Hinge [TW]
[M] Zoom HorseShoeTurn  (self correcting)
[Q] ChainReaction &Sprd
[0F] AsCouples ScootAndWeave "normal" Slither "girls" [0TW]
[L.TW] GrSwT &Roll PassAndRoll
[Lir]/[Lil]/[Lor]/[Lol] Mix Cycle&Wheel
[Lir]/[Lil]/[Lor]/[Lol] C-Hinge FlipD Cycle&Wheel
[L] CrossTrailThru Belles-Trade
[SS] H-LT1/4 F-PasTh C-Recyc
[B] Recyc Slither
[L] AsCoupples PairOff
[I.L] StepAndSlide
[D] C-SwitchTheWave 62AcDcy C-BendL CycleAndWheel  (nice flow, overflow for 2)
[L.F] Slip PartnerHinge
[L.F] C-Cir PartnerHinge
[1LO]/[2LO] PtTrd G-Roll (or B-Roll) SplitSquare...
[I.L]/[O.L] CrossOverCirculate  -Vic Ceder
[F] LeadsRightRollToAWave
! [B] Half Breed Thru; &Roll
[L]/[B] FltWh Recyc  (nice change of hands)
! [TW] CrossTrailThru
[W] Ca3/4 Slither
[W] Remake Slither
[W] Hinge Slither  (equiv: FollowThru)
[W] ScootChainThru Slither
!! [TW] SpTop PeelT
[L.W] 1/4Tag
[L] FltWh AsCouples-Roll [L.F]  (or RvFlt)
[L.D] D.Cir &Roll C-PassAndRoll E-PtTrd-&Roll [3-1 lines]
[L.W] C-ScootAndWeave [D]
[0L] DixiS SwThr 3/4Thru  (re-enforces R-H rule)
[0W] SwitchToADiamond G-Roll
! [O.L] BeausTrade Recyc
[W] "Balance here" ZigZag [C]
Equiv: PeelT = PeelAndTrail Lockit
[T] TrdBy &Roll SplitSquare...
[C] TransferAnd BoxCounterRotate-&Roll SplitSquare...
[C] TransferAnd BoxCounterRotate-&Roll-WheelThru [B]  -Vic Ceder
[LO] WhlDl ZagZig [L.W]  (same as &Roll)
[TW] SwitchTheWave [TW]
[TD] FlipD TripleTrade
[C] TransferAnd ScootAndWeave
[W] Swing Lockit
[W] Swing Slither (= SwitchTheWave)
[C] TransferAnd Remake
[TF]/[L] AsCouples Recyc
[F]/[L.F] AsCouples ScootAndWeave (etc.)
[P] C-SqT@3 ChainReaction
[5C] PartnerTag [0LO]
[B] PassOut E-Bend  (nice flow)
[D]/[F.D] D.Cir C-Mix
[F] C-Hinge FlipD = CrossRollToAWave
[SS] H-PassOut PsTTC TripleStarThru [5LO]
[SS] H-PasTh A-SpltC Split...
[F] Feris C-ReCyc [Q]
[0L] E-PasTh "any hand"-QuarterThru [0L]  (equiv: PasTh BendL)
[0L] C-PasTh "any hand"-Remake [0L]  (uses push-cast 3/4)
[5W] G-Fold PeelAndTrail [0W]  (typical PeelT setup)  (equiv: SwThr)
[L.W] LeftRemake QuarterThru (emphasizes R-H on QuarterThru)
[0L] PsOcn B-Zig, G-Zag  (call quickly)
[SS] H-SplitSquareChainThru
[B] SCirW Slither [F]
[B] PassOut SingleWheel [P]
[W] SwitchTheWave 1/2Tg  (repaeat to change focus)
[L.F] Cpl.C ZigZag [C]  (challenging, nice balanced flow)
[SS] H-LT1/4 AndCross Recyc  (nice flow)
[L] AsCouples PsOcn
[TL] AsCouples TurnAndDeal
[M] CloverAnd SingleWheel DixiS [L.Q]
[5W] B-Run Slither B-Run Slip [L.0F]  (G are "slide bombers")
[0L] RLT 1/4Mr Slither
[C] Hinge Lockit Hiinge Lockit [W]  (rapid change of focus)
[LO] AsCouples UTurn
! [B] PsOcn TripleTrade
[SS] H-T1/4-&Sprd A8Cir CycleAndWheel
[SS] H-T1/4-&Sprd CastAShadow  (4 whoopers)
[SS] H-T1/4-&Sprd A8Cir CastAShadow  (4 casters)
[SS] H-T1/4-&Sprd A8Cir In/OutRollCirculate
[0B] RLT G-Cross
! [LO] ExplodeTheLine (2x) Expl&-PasTh (2x) Expl&-Tag.O (2x) Expl& ExplodeTheLine  (work up to it)
[LO] "start with a hinge" 1/4Thru
[LO] "start with a hinge" Remake
[T]  "start with a hinge" GrandRemake  (or 1/4Thru)
[L.W] LeftRemake 1/4Thru  (nice hand use for C start 1/4Thru with R-H)
! [TF] AsCouplesLockit Lockit  (second Lockit feels like Cpl.H)
! [0W] SwThr G-Fold TrailOff (B in the center have to trail across to the end of the line)
[3-1 Line] Expl&  (no need to say wave or line) (works best if C facing out)
[L.W] ScootAndWeave "...and weave with the R"
[LO] LeftTurnAndDeal
equiv: [B] PassAndRollYourNeighbor = ZagZig
equiv: [B] PassAndRollYourNeighbor &Sprd = T1/4
! [TW] GrSwT C-Recyc, O-SingleWheel [L]
! [LO] ExplodeTheLine Expl& (pause) PasTh Expl& ExplodeTheLine  (work up to it)
[D] C-ExpWv  [3-1]
[L] DixiS &Roll PassAndRoll
[L] PassTheSea 1/4Thru  (C start!)
[F]/[LO]/[L.F]/[W]/[L.W] TurnAndDeal ZagZig (same as &Roll)
Eqiv: E-Bend = 1/2of- E-Run
[T] CloverAnd PsOcn
[L] SqThr2 SpinTheWindmillLeft
[W] Ext CloverAnd Lockit [Q]
[LO] RightRollToAWave TripleTrade
[F.D] RemakeTheDiamond  (start with R-H in the center, finish with ends)
[W] ScootAndDodge BeausFold [B]
[L.W] ScootAndDodge BellesFold [B]
! [TW] Lockit (or any [TW] -> [W] call) SplitCouterRotate  (breathing and reevaluation)
[F] 3/4Tg SpinTheWindmillRight
[C] SingleWheel PassAndRoll
[C]/[W] SplitCouterRotate AndCross
[SS] H-SldTh-&Sprd QuarterIn
[B]/[L] RLT BellesCross
[F]/[L.F] AsCouples BoxCounterRotate
[W] ScootAndDodge Hinge
[P] LeadersRightRollToAWave
[M] TrailOff
[F]/[L.F] PartnerTrade Circualte  (play with voice inflection)
[F]/[L.F] CouplesTrade Circualte  (play with voice inflection)
[0TW] Lockit G-Twice [0D]
[L.F] 4X (CastAShadow + TradeCirculate)
[M] CtrIn Ca1/4 Tag
[L] E-PasTh "any hand"-1/4Thru
[LO] StepAndSlide ZigZag  (GBBG -> [0W])
[L.W] SpTop &Sprd TripleTrade
Swing Slip Swing "do the sae calls again in reverse order"  (a ZERO)  -Ed Foote
PassAndRollYourNeighbor &Sprd "and" Slither "and" MiniBusy
[Q] ScootAndWeave  (don't forget to do it from here)
[F] AsCouplesRoll "and individualy"-Roll  (always flows)
[C] TransferAnd BoxCounterRotate -Wk&Dg
CloverAnd Roll  (after call where C are busy and can Roll)
[W] TradeCirculate C-1/4Thru
[F] BendL Recyc
[M] CtrIn QuarterIn
Swing &Roll  (unexpected)
[0LO] CrossOverCirculate HalfBreedThru  [0L]  (do-your-part, self correcting)
[TW] Lockit &Roll  [P]
[L] E-LoadB, C-WheelThru (or LeftWheelThru)  [B]
[F] A8Cir C-1-1/2  [HG]
[0L] T1/4 Col.C -1-1/2 G-Trd -&Sprd (B-D.Cir)  [HG]
[D] C-SwitchToADiamond  [HG]
[F] C-BoxCounterRotate-"and"-TrailOff (VC-Hinge  [HG])
[0L] E-PasTh Recyc  [1P]  (like WhlDl, girls in front of the boys)
3-1 lines: E-Cir CycleAndWheel (very nice flow)
[0L] DixiS 1/4Thru "boys ... in the middle",G-1/4In  [2Q]
[L] RLT 1/4Mr C-1/4Thru
[SS] H-LT1/4 -&Roll SplitSquare...
[F] C-QuarterIn-"and"-Recyc [D] (a little disorienting, neat flow)
asymmetric: Tag "face me!" (to get tidal line facing the same direction) AsCouples-E-Bend
[L] PassOut CtrIn
[L] RLT BelleWalkBeauDodge ZigZag (or ZagZig)
[W] Slip -1-1/2 -TrdWv [D]
 g^ <B
 g^ <B
 B> vg
 B> vg ... G-CheckmateTheColumn, B-TradeCirculate [1F]
[W] InRollCirculate LSwTh
[W] Wk&Dg PartnerHinge
[C] GrandFYNbr -&Sprd -TripleTrade [TW]
[L.W] 1/4Thru 4X (starts in the center every other time, everybody feels both parts)  (16X = ZERO)
[0LO] "prefer the B (or G)"-OutRollCirculate [0L]
[M] AsCouples-LeadsRightRollToAWave
[0L] Col.C- 1-1/2 G-Trd- &Sprd [5HG]
[C] Hinge TripleTrade  (call quickly for nice flow)
[SS] H-PsOcn SpinTheWindmillRight
[B] VeerL C-1/4Thru
[W] SwitchTheWave C-1/4Thru
[R] AcDcy
[F] Feris AsCouples DixiS
[5W] Slip "and" Slide ChDTL
[lines of 3 facing out] Step And Slide  -Bill Eyler
[3-1 Lines] LeadsRightRollToAWave
"make the first part" Ca3/4...   (start with simple calls like SwThr, build up to ReDcy etc.)
WhlDl C-Sweep-SwapAround
[TW] (GGBBBBGG) G-SingleWheel
[3-1line] Hinge
[3-1line] SingleWheel
3/4of- CrossTrailThru ZigZag
[T] CloverAnd WheelThru [B]
[L.W] ScootAndDodge WhlAr  -Anne Uebelacker
[C] Col.C 1-1/2 C6-GrandQuarterThru-&Sprd [TW]  (call clearly so only C6-Sprd)
equiv: [LO] AsCouplesPartnerHinge AsCouplesRoll = WhlDl
RLT AsCouplesRoll  (same as 1/4Mr)
Last sequence of a tip: [SS] H-PairOff A-PairOff &Roll "bow"  -Vic Ceder
PsTTC &Roll C-SqTh3, E-SplitSquareThru3  (nice hand use / timing)
cue: [W] "point!" CrossOverCircualte  (same cue as TradeCircualte from [W])
[5D] 6-2AcDcy Cut.D &Roll [0P]
[F]/[L.F] XFire TrailOff = HSash
Beau Zig, Belle Zag  (use in place of Roll - call quickly)
! DoSaD Recyc  (not DoSaD ToWav Recyc)
[TD] 6-2AceyDeucy
! [W] Expl& (pause) Recyc
["H"] 6-2AcDcy 1-1/2 [D]  -Andy Shore
[5C] 1/4In RLT  (starts to feel like 1/4Thru)
t-bone w G facing in: G-WheelThru
[W]/[L.W] SlipC (sounds like Slip - use before AL or RLG)
singing call: WheelThru = LeadR
[0L] SldTh G-Roll A-Scoot (in a star!)
[L] SquareChainThru HorseShoeTurn / [Q] ScootChainThru HorseShoeTurn  (importantce of ending formation)
[0T] CloverAnd PsOcn [0Q]
! [t-bone] ScootAndWeave  -Andy Shore
[L] PassOut E-Roll SplitSquare...
[TL] "each side" TurnAndDeal
[LO] E-Bend-&Roll = E-Fold
[SS] H-PairOff &Roll  (fun to bump buns)
[B] DivTh (Reverse)SwapAround  (decent setup flow)
[P] Zoom (Reverse)SwapAround  (decent setup flow)
[F.C] "those facing start, all finish"-PsOcn [TW]
[3-1] CrossOverCirculate
[W] 1/4Thru 3X  (ZERO rotates the set C.W. 1/4)
[L]/[TW] TrnTh TurnAndDeal
[L.TL] TurnAndDeal
[3W]/[4W] G-Swing A-Mix
[0B]/[0L] StrTh SwapAround
[LO] Cpl.H &Roll C-DPT (DixiS, etc.)
[SS] H-PasTh -QuarterIn A-QuarterIn
cue: Slip "in the middle"
[RF] SingleWheel
[R] AcDcy
[R] HorseshoeTurn
[W] PartnerTag Twice
[QR] TripleTrade
[SS] AllFourCouples RLT H-Roll, S-RollA
TripleTrade 1-1/2  (harder than most think)  -Vic Ceder
[SS] All4Couples DoubleStarThru UTurn  (equiv to All4Couples RLT)  -Vic Ceder
[1F] AsCouples B-Run RvFlt  -Rob French
[W] SwThr 1-3/4  -Rob French
[L] PassOut SingleWheel &Roll [L.TW]  -Rob French
MiniBusy SpinAWindmillR   (Quater R flows for ends)  -Rob French
[TL] or [L.TF] AsCouples 1/2Tg
[F] CrossOverCirculate WhlAr
FYNbr QuarterThru
[HG] D.Cir &Roll
asymmetric [L], B in one box, G in the other: AsCouples HalfBreedThru
[HG]+calls ending in [HG]: "new lovers"
getout: PassAndRollYourNeighbor 1/2of Sprd RLG
[F]/[L.F] InRollCirculate
comment: [P] (after hard calls) "all 4 people in the middle"
[HG] D.Cir
[0B] SldTh G-Roll A-WheelThru  (like a star)
[2TF] AsCouples B-Run Beaus-Run (not AsCouples Beaus)
[L.2TW] GrSwT G-Trd  (hard once removed G-Trd as VCG naturally want to Trd)
Equiv: [LO] WhlDl = AsCouples Hinge-&Roll  (AsCouples Hinge AsCouples Roll)
[TW] SwingAndMix "little one"
[1B]/[2B] StrTh Slither
RightRollToAWave Mix  ("RightRoll and Mix")
AsCouples SCirW
AL A8SpTop 3/4TheTop 1/2TheTop 3/4TheTop RLG
WlkAC "with the L" A8SpTop 3/4TheTop 1/2TheTop 3/4TheTop DoPas
[L] AsCouples VeerL
[F]/[W]-(with same sex together): OutRollCirculate (the new centers B or G)-Roll
[I.L] C-"work as a couple"-SwThr (etc.)
[SS] H-PasTh SepA1 &Roll SplitSquare... (etc.)
[LO] Left PartnerHinge
[LO] Left WheelAndDeal
[LO] Left SingleWheel
[W] WlkDg SingleWheel
[3L]/[4L] C-SwThr A-HalfBreedThru
[I.L] AnyHand 1/4Thru WhlDl  (or BendL)
[O.L] AnyHand SwThr WhlDl  (or BendL)
[D] "your diamond Flip and Slip"
[0B] B-"your part"-WheelThru   t-bone
CtrIn CastAShadow
stir: H-SquareChainThru DivTh S-SquareChainThru "work with the phantoms" DivTh...
  ..."phantoms SquareChainThru while you bow to the ptr & cnr - for extra credit, Who are the phantoms facing?"
cue: InRollCirculate  "IN roll ... circulate" (pause gives dancers time to think)
In/OutRollCirculate &Roll
In/OutRollCirculate "and Roll Right To A Wave"
HalfBreedThru &Roll
getin: H-PasTh- QuarterIn
getin: H-PasTh CloverAnd DoubleStarThru A-HalfBreedThru
[W] SplitCounterRotate &Roll [L]
[B] CtrIn Ca1/2 StepAndSlide
[LO] E-Bend E-PasTh E-Bend  (easy teach)
[W]/[L] Expl& PassIn
[TW] HalfBreedThru
[1W] G-CrossOverCirculate
[F] LeftTurnAndDeal
[F.D] 1/4Thru 4 times  (starts in the center)
[W] Slip Slide Swing "and" SwThr [L.W]
[TW] PassIn [P]
Beaus-Run B-Run Prom
[L.W] Swing "and" SwThr "and" Mix
CtrIn ExplodeTheLine
AnyHand 1/4Thru Tag...
[Q] SpinAWindmill(direction) &Roll
[B] 1/2BreedThru

  Sashayed Grand Square...
  PtTrd; PtHng
  Clover&; "you're home"
  Get out: Do 1/2 of each of the next calls: Left Tag, Scoot Back, Promenade, Wheel Around - You're home!
  From [L] or [W]: Do 1/2 of each of the next calls: Tag, Scoot Back, Circulate, Promenade, Circulate, Roll - Check an Hourglass
   1   2 . 3  4 .   5  .   6      . 7   .     8    1 2 3     4      5  6 7 8 1
                     Sides Hinge, and Single Wheel; Heads Roll-away; ... Grand Square Go!
  Transfer And [ "And-ers" --- ]
  PingP; &Roll; Split SqTh3 "finish on your own side"
  As Couples Prom
  Couples Ext "to 2-Face Lines"
  [C] Col.C 1-1/2 O2-UTurn Remake The Sausage
  Split Counter Rotate; Trail Off
  [F] As Couples B-Run "around ONE girl!"  --Mike Kellog 10/98
! [S] H-SqrChnTheTop --SpTop (w/ R-H!)
  first 2/3 of Coord from [L], [LO]
!![L] SpltC---1-1/2  --Twice  (must reevaluate)  --Mike Kellog 2/99
!![S] H-PasTh A-Mix  --Vic Ceder  3/99
  [L.0W] WheelThru -Mike Kellogg 5/99
  "Touch and Mix"
  DixiS 1/4Tg
  CrossoverCirculate ChDTL
  Expl& CrossoverCirculate
  [Lio]/[Loi] Hinge C-Hinge C-Hinge A-Hinge A-Hinge C-Hinge VCHinge

For more choreo ideas see Choreo-bits (up thru Plus only)