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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Challenge Choreo
Rich Reel   13 Jan 2009

C3  [F] GeeWhiz SomethingNew

C3A [SS] SplitCatch-LSwTh-4
C3A [L.W] Belles-KickOff  (everyone is a bell)
C3A [L.C] CrossInvertTheColumn WheelTheSea
C3A [t-bone] Counter CoupleUp (use a variety: C need outsides ending position to know if to UTrun)

C1  [F] Tandem CtsyT  -Anne Uebelacker
C1  [blocks G outboard] G-PressAhead [0L] DixiS  (call quickly to assure flow)
C1  [4M]/[3M] B-Run (or G-Run) [F.C]/[X.C]  (get-in to magic column)
C1  [X.D] Remake ChainThru
C1  [L.W] SwingTheFractions ChainThru  (nice after DixiS)  -Bjorn Andersson

C1  SpinTheWindmill "outsides"-1-1/2
C1  [F]/[L.F] Tandem Ca3/4
C1  RotarySpin Twice  (second time from wave)
C1  [W] Stretch SpTop &Roll "dragon roll"
C1  All8 AlterTheWave
C1  FYNbr G-Roll, B-Sprd TalleyHo  -Del Powel
C1  [SS] H-CrossTrailThru WheelAnd...  (nice flow)
C1  [QB]/[RB] Zing [L]
C2  DropIn AndCross
C2  OnceRemoved HalfBreedThru
C2  HalfCrazy "half"-SqThr "at home"

C1  [C]/[TTM] HalfCrazy LeadsRightRoll  ([TTM] = < < < < > > > >)
comment/cue: "push me!" (ChainReaction etc. if push cast)  -Ross Howel
C3A [B]/[L] Stable WheelThru (Belles do not move)  -Vic Ceder
C3  [B] RotarySpin TheKey RotarySpinTheTop  (fun sound, tuff combination)
C3  [P]/[Q] StrutRight Along  (fun to say quickly)
C2  [TF] StretchLine TurnAndDeal [F]
C1  [W] Stretch TrailOff
C3A [TW] GrSwT &Sprd Along
C3  CrossCycle Twice  (from [F] or [B])
C3  CrossLoop1/4Tag AndCircle1/4  -Lynette Bellini
C2  [L.C] Checkmate WheelTheOcean(Sea)
C3A [B] BeauHopAlong  (nice flow and sounds neet)
> > . . < <
> > . . < < ... SplitPhantomColumns E-HocusPocus  (= Press Ahead)  -Sue Curtis
C3A [F] TradeTheDeucy 3/4WheelTheOcean  (nice flow)
C3  [W] DiagonalBox Remake  (visualization and teamwork)
C3  (Split)Catch-ReverseTheTop-3  (nice dance feel)
C2  ["O" C] LeadersRun  (tricky especially after BigBlock C3A)
C3A [B] Rotary PatchTheCenters  (very centers)
C3  [TW] InitiallyCrossConcentric SpinChainTheLine
C3A [W] DriftApart Twice  (weaving traffic pattern)
C2  [M] StretchedBox Vertical 1/2Tag  -Lee Kopman
C3A [0F] PatchTheGirls [0L]  -Lee Kopman
C3  [G] A8-TurnTheKey
C2  [C] WalkOutToAWave Slither
C3  [B] Wave-"everybody"
C1  [W] TrnTh TheAxel
C3A [L] Coord E-TeamUp, C-...  (E come to L-H on t-bone 1/2 circ)
C3  [SS] H-CrossTrailThru LiftOff
C3  ! [L] TurnTheKey  (first trade w partner)  -Lee Kopman
C3  [Q] FlipYourLid O-Roll  (better if outsides designated by gender)
C3  [D] MagicDiamondChainThru
C3A [Q] Release SHing  (triple boxes)
C3  [SS] H-DoubleStarThru LiftOff
C3  [R] ExplodeTheDiamond LiftOff
C3  [L] FltWh ByGolly
C1  [Galaxy] AcDcy  -Vic Ceder

Not sorted by program (C1 ... C4)

! [M] "do your part" OpenUpTheColumn  -Vic Ceder
C3  [W] E-Run CrissCrossTheShadow  -Vic Ceder
TheAxel But Ca1/4 WhlDl
[I.L]/[O.L] Belles-Hinge  (C1 phantoms)
[0W] SpChT G-Cir-1-1/2
[C] StretchBox VerticalTagTheLine  (how far?)
[F] CrossCycle Twice
[P] HalfCrazy Zoom
Regroup C-Twice
Jay PairOff "nobody moves! just turn"  -Mike Jacobs
[L] RimsTradeBack Ca3/4
SwingOLate ShakeAndRattle  (nice flow)
Percolate-er's Percolate (from a variety of formations)
^><^ ... 2/3 ChiselThru (LiftOff)
[C] Zing &Roll [B]
[P] CrossConcentric HSash  (columns to columns)
CrossChainAndRoll &Sprd
! [general lins] OnceRemoved VerticalTag (all the way)
Checkpoint Shazaam by ...
! 1/4Tag and LittleMore
[B] Rotary SwapTheWave
[F.C] C-BoxCounterRoatate MakeMagic
[TW] HalfCrazy E-Trd ... HalfCrazy C-Trd  (like TripleTrade)  -Vic Ceder
[D] (with all points facing out): Funny 6x2AcyDeucey  [interlocked D]
[W]/[T] Percolate'ers Percolate
[C] Quick XFire
[W] Stable Ca3/4  (feels like DoSaD)  -Vic Ceder
! [SS] H-MovIn, S-SingleCrossAndWheel  (not concentric)
[TT] HalfCrazy RightRollToAWave
G^ G^ Bv Bv
            B^ B^ Gv Gv ... G-RightLoop3  -Rob French
[QB] Quick TrnTh
[W]/[L.W] Mirror SwapTheWave
[I] LinearAction
[B] Rotary Hinge [W]
[SS] H-Finish TripleStarThru
[M] CtrIn Regroup
LiftOffButGeeWhiz  (play with voice inflection)
[SS] H-Recoil A-DriftApart
[C] IntiallyTwice LatchOn
[W] Recoil LikeA Recoil  -Bronc Wise
[W]/[C] Central CastAShadow (same as Bingo)
!! [W] Central TransferTheColumn
[L.W] CoupleUp DixieDiamond
[M] Clovr StretchZing  (very tempting to stretch first)
[P] C-WheelThru LiftOff
[L.W] DodgeZing LiftOff
RotarySwing ChainThru  (play with voice inflection)
InitiallyTwice CircleToAWave
[B] Finish GrandChain8
[TD] DropIn
[C] SplitCounterRotate CoupleUp
[W] SplitCirculateRotate CoupleUp
 ^   v
^ ^ v v
 ^   v ... Checkpoint Reachout By ...
LicketySplit Twice
DropOut WheelTheOcean
[LO]/[Lro] LinesWheelTheOceanThru
! [B] Rotary TurnAndDeal  (C take the E)
[Q] Outlet PerkUp
[F.C] OnceRemoved SplitTradeCirculate  -Bronc Wise
[SS] H-TurnToALine
[P] FileToALine  (temptation for C to go too far)
[D] C-2/3Recycle LinkUp
comment: [W] ReDcy "don't turn the star"  (because there isn't one)
[B] Rotary TurnTheKey  (TurnTheKey in wave of 4 only)  -John Sybalsky
Mirror Delemma  (outsides go R)  -John Steckman
[Q] FlipYourLid "a" LittleMore (fun to say quickly)  -Dave Lightly
[L] OnceRemoved PassTheOcean  (some dancers have a lot of trouble with this)  -John Steckman
[W] C-XRun WithConfidence  -John Sybalsky
- - ^ v
^ v ^ v
^ v - - ... TripleWavesWorkingForward OutRollCirculate  -Barry Clasper
[SS] LiftOffBut GeeWhiz  (fun to say quickly)
2StepsAtATime StrutRight
! [TL] CouplesTwosome BendL Stable BendL  (hard reevaluation)
"half now, half later"-Zoom FinishReset "its Later!" (whisper: "its a StepAndFold")
[W] ChangeTheWave ChangeLanes
[C] Shazam-Along
[RF] AsCouplesExtend  (centers forget to recenter themselves)
[TW] ReverseCheckpoint SpTop-&Sprd
[M] SingleFlareOutToALine
[F] HalfCiculate &Roll C-XFire  [tandem single Q]
[W] HalfCiculate &Roll C-StepAndFold  [tandem single Q]
SwingTheFractions "and" Slither  (slightly harder than it seems)  -Linda Kendal
^ ^  v
 ^  v v ... Busy ReachOut  -Linda Kendal
[W] Finish Recyc  -Linda Kendal
[L.F]+Ferris -or- [L]+WhlDl: WheelTheOcean(Sea)  (nice flow)
[W] AlterTheWave "don't turn the star"
[B] Rotary ReverseTheTop
[L.Q] JayWalk-"a"-Little
[X.D] DropOut Shakedown
! gimmick: [W] InitallyMirror SwThr  (it's a ZERO)  (also from [B])
! CircleBy1/4By 1/4Tag  (flows if dancers don't actually step to the wave first)
...Axel &Roll
[W] Stretch LnCyc  (C sahsay to complete stretch)  (fun after [TW] Stretch LnCyc)
[SS] SplitDixieSashay LeadsWheelTheOcean
[t-bone] ([L]+E-PasTh+E-Bend): LoadB E-Roll
[1W]/[2W] Scoot B-Roll A-Scoot G-Roll
[P] Tandem SqTh2  (dancers forget final pull all the wau by)
TwistAnd QuarterOut  (nice flow)
["O"-M] "O" C-CastBack  (new C step forward to make the new "O")  -Linda Kendal
[W]/[B] TrnTh TheAxel  (say as a phrase)
[Q] JWalk AndCircle1/4  (E facing out have to remember R-H changes to L-H)
[P] TandemTwosome DixieDiamond
[F] FerrisWheel RevolveToAWave  (tempting for C only to do it)
Breaker  (don't even say "nothing")
HalfCrazy SideTrack
[W] SwitchTheWave KeepBusy  (nice flow)
[SS] H-Stable RLT LiftOff
Mirror SetsInMotion
! ["O"-T] LeadersTrade  (hard for C)
"Bealle Boy"-Cross
[M]/[T]/[P] LeadsLatchOn TheLock
[L.F] CheckerBox Recyc  (nice flow)
[SS] H-T1/4 G-T1/4 "each box" SplitCounterRotate (t-bone)  (...B-BoxCounterRotate = [F.C])
! [SS] H-T1/4 G-T1/4 All8CounterRotate (t-bone, B working in column)
[P] Tandem-PsOcn
[W]/[TW] Expl& Catch1
[W]/[F] LinesWeaveThru
[T] Invert1/2
[R] ExplodeTheDiamond LiftOff
[F] C-Stable A-Feris  (feels like Run)
[LO] WhlAr &Sprd  (Sprd = HSash)
[Q] FlipYourLid-"a"-Little  (ends quarter R for little)
[L.F] 1/4WheelTheOcean AndCross  (fun hand weaving)
[C] Tandem-Bingo
["O"] ExpandTheColumn
[W] ReverseOrder-Shazam
[F] DriftApart KeepBusy
[C]/[L.C] Shazam Along
[TW] SplitCounter (anything)
 v v
 . .
 v v
 ^ ^
 . .
 ^ ^... Initially TripleBox Cirulate2
[B] Rotary ChDTL
[W] Stretch TrnTh
[HG] FullCrazy Circulate  (even 1-1/2 Crazy!)  (diamond - HG - diamond - HG)
[Galaxy] FullCrazy Circulate
[TW]/[L.TW] HingeAndCross  (not grand)
[W] ReverseExplode TheAxel
[C] Dodge-Hinge
[L.W] VerticalTagBackToAWave Twice
[2W] OwnTheGirls Perkup By ... (G tend to forget first circulate)
Mirror (Split) DixieStyle
 . ^ ^ . . ^ ^ . .
 . v v . . v v . . ... SplitPhantomBoxes Regroup [B]  (phantoms move out)  -Ross Howell
1/2of- LittleMore
(anything) Like A SwThr  (Trade by the left - use in R-H waves, then later use in L-H waves)
[TF] LinearCycle  (partner Hinge)
  ^ ^...Recycle
2/3-PeelChainThru  (also 1/3)  -Ross Howell
[B] Stretch FlutterWheel
[Q]/[L.Q] FollowThru 3X
[W] SplitCounterRotate Breaker ...
Checkpoint Nothing By ...   -Ross Howell
CrossConcentric Nothing
[P]+C-T1/4 OwnTheCenters DriftApart By CrossChainAndRoll
["O"]/[Buterfly] MagicWave...  (real people to work with)
[G] C-"work tandem" A-SwingTheFractions  -Richard Tuck
[parallelogram L] WheelThru  (some don't move much)
! [M] 3/4Crazy StackTheLine  (unusual t-bone)  -Ross Howell
[LO] SplitPhantomLines CircleBy1/2By1/4 [L.C]
[B] HalfCrazy Circulate2
[SS] WaveTheSides
[F] DiagonalBox Circulate  ("ding-ding")
[parallelogram] Tag  (hard for centers to find each other)
[SS] H-ReverseTheTop AndCircle1/4  (temptation to forget trade)
[M] HalfCrazy TurnToALine  (hard for centers in facing box)  -Ross Howell
[L] RLT FullCrazy HSash   -Ross Howell
[parallelagram] (regular i.e. not parallelagram) TurnTheKey  (BIG CounterRotate)
Tandem Lockit = A8-Counter Rotate (= A8Cir if resolving to AL or RLG)
t-bone 2X4: "everybody"-Squeeze  (must wait for centers)  -Vic Ceder
StretchWave AhSo &Roll  -Vic Ceder
[SS] H-TouchBy1/4By1/4  (ends in a 2X4)
Ambiguous?: [SS] H-Catch-SplitCatch3-3  (only the Heads do the second StepAndFold?)

^ ^ v v
    ^ ^ v v ... Parallelagram TradeCircualte  (ding-ding folks are looking at each other)
"all 8"-SingleCrossTradeAndWheel  (tempted to do GrandSingleCrossTradeAndWheel)
Catch-SingleCrossTradeAndWheel-3 ??? OnceRemoved? ??
[0LO] CrossAndWheel Prom
[F.C] F-"start"-Rotary Mix  (non-facers have to think a lot about hands)  -Rob French

v - ^ -
^ ^ v v
- v - ^ ... TripleLine BendL [L]  -Rob French

v - ^ -
v v ^ ^
- v - ^ ... TripleLine BendL [L]
[RF]/[L.RF] TripleLine BendL [L]
[L.W] FinalyTandem SwThr
ScootToADiamond ChainThru  -Dell Powell
Finally OnceRemoved SpinThePulley  -Del Powell
C1  [W] SpChT G-Cir-1-1/2  [G]
C1  Finish DixiG  (all pull by with L etc.)

  ^ v
^ v ^ v
  ^ v ... MixAndCircle1/4  (or other centers call that changes handedness)
[W] RecycleAlong
HalfCrazyVerticalTagTheLine  (tempted to do 1/2 Tag)  -Vic Ceder
[W]/[B] 1/2CrazyWeave  -Vic Ceder
! t-bone: StretchFollowToADiamond  ("but you won't get one")  -Vic Ceder
[F]/[W] E-PercolateToAWave  -Vic Ceder
SwingThruLikeARecoil  -Vic Ceder
SwapTheTop &Sprd  -Vic Ceder
[F]/[L.F] InitallyAsCouples ScootReaction  -Vic Ceder
[TP] StretchDixieSashay  -Vic Ceder
[0LO] "reverse order"-ChDTL  (gimmick)  (fun after "reverse order"-RLT)
[I.L]/[O.L] CheckerBox
asymmetric: [parallel lines facing same direction] CheckerBoard  (e.g. CheckerBoard WheelA = A-PtTrd)
[L.W] SplitPhantomColumns 3By1Checkmate [B]  (equiv: A-Trd &Roll)
[F.C] "those facing start"-PsOcn
[D] FunnyInterlockedDiamond Circulate
[F] Stretch PeelO
[F.C] (magic column) TurnToALine Twice  (unusual with mixed hands)  (fun to mix with TurnAndDeal)
"Oh Left Alamande" (after "O" call that ends in R-H waves before adjusting back to "O")
"2nd and 4th hands Tandem" SwingTheFractions  -Ben Rubright
[SS]+H-PasTh SplitCounterRotate TrdBy LiftOff
[TL] Concentric WhlDl &Sprd
"Flip A Diamond" FlipYourNeighbor
[L.F] Tandem LeftHalfTag  -Vic Ceder
[L] NobodyHop  (everyone dodge before hinge)  -Vic Ceder
[L] HalfCrazy Circulate [O]  -Mike Jacobs
[L.Q] "Hug" AndCircle1/4  (YellowRock if all next to corner)
[FD]/[TFD] DropOut WheelAnd... (or WheelTheOcean, etc...)
  v   v
    ^   ^
  v   v
    ^   ^  [folks on the diagonal]-PressAhead  -Mike Jacobs
Motivate "turn the star 1/2 as much as usual"
[P] Tandem CircleBy1/4By1/4
  v v
  ^ v
  ^ v
  ^ ^   (ignore center facing out) PressLeft  -Mike Jacobs
Use CrossTrailThru where Cross or AndCross is expected
Catch Recoil 3  (second step and fold - harder if BoxRecycle goes to tidal wave)
Hinge Lockit Choice  (must think about which parts are included)
  ^ v
  ^ v
  ^ v
   <   OnceRemoved Circulate
[W] AlterAndCirculate "skip the star turns"  -Mike Jacobs
[C] CoupleUp  (mistakenly do Column rather than Split Circulate)
 v v v ^ ^ ^
      <      CounterRotate  (C point has to decide where to pass thru line)
"split" PingP
[TW] Concentric Expl&  (axis changes)
[F+stagger] BigBlock CrossoverCirculate
[HG] Detour
"H watch the S watch the phantoms"-SFGrSqr H-...(get dancers to butterfly) "now work with the phantoms"...
[G] Cut.D
[L] StepAndSqueeze  (E must back up)
[Q] Expl& Split...
LinesQuarterInThru   (parsing and evaluation, esp. after 1/4Thru)
[L] Concentric T1/4   (lines to lines rule)
RandomTwice SideTrack
[L] CircleToAWave ExchanceTheBoxes  (nice flow)
1/2Circulate (or SplitCirculate) Finish TalleyHo  (easy for caller, hard for dancers)
LatchOn Along
[SS]+H-PasTh: H-MiniChase ThePully
SpinThePully But TripleCross
[M] PatchTheBoys  (if B are together, feels like Shazam)
[TW] PlanAhead
[TW] HalfCrazy CounterRotate
[TL] C6-Ca3/4  (which way to push cast)
[TW] Slip and Slide Along
ReverseOrder Recoil
SomethingNew LinearAction  (nice flow)
[D] Central Ralley
Take3 TripleColumn DixiS  (outside columns want to work with each other, not the phantoms)
[L] OwnTheCenters Central-LoadB by ...  (centers REALLY want to work with each other)
Funny 6-2AceyDeucy Finish NulearReation  -Rob French
[P] Stable Rotate1/4
[butterfly] Concentric...  (intuitive extension)
[M] Finish TravelThru
[M] Vertical 1/2Tg
Tandem (or Siamese) ZigZag
Rotary Slip and Slide
[TW] 1/2Crazy Recyc  (box Recyc 2nd time)
Single 2StepsAtATime
[L.W] CoupleUp LikeA WheelTheOcean
[F] CastAShadow CrossConcentric-FollowThru Checkpoint-Lockit-by-StepAndFold ZipCode1 HocusPocus TheAxle  -Ett McAtee
[some kind of facing D] FunnyTriagleChainThru  -Ett McAtee
[0L] Stretch RLT
[Cor] WheelAndWeave
[T] WheelTheSea
SplitCatchDivideTheSeaRight3  -Ett McAtee
[F] Initially CrossConcentric Motivate   (same as CrossOverCirculate-er's)
[F] Trade-CoupleUp  (TradeCirculate not Trade)
[C] ScootAndDodge  (hard for infacing center)
[LO] TradeTheDeucy
[SS]+H-SwThr: SplitCounterRotate ?
[F] Concentric Circulate
[F.C] AnyHand Grand1/4Thru [TL]
! [B] LTouch (very brief pause) 1/4Thru  (sounds like LT1/4, starts w/ RH - a trick!)
t-bone: SpltC LiftOff
SplitTurnTheKey Twice
[SS] H-Central LoadB ToAWave
CrossInvert1/2 LeadsWheelTheOcean
[L.W] OwnTheG DixiS by ...  (G facing in)
[SS] H-Vertical OnceRemoved T-1/4
Gamut KeepBusy  (say like: "Dammit, Keep Busy!")
"initally double" DoubleStarThru
LittleMore GeeWhiz
[C] SingleFerrisWheel
XFire "and" Slither Motivate
Breaker2 ChainThru
["O"] C-SqTh3  (fun after "O" call that ends in lines)
[TW] C6-"work Once Removed"  -Vic Ceder
t-bone: StackTheLine
SwingChainThru G-Cir
[F.C] F-"start" ChainTheSquare
[F] C-Stable A-WhlDl
[TW] LineToLine
! Initally Concentric HingeTheLock
H-LeadR Stable Recyc
SpinThePully ("spin a pully") KeepBusy
! [L] OnceRemoved StepW (or DoSaD ToWav)
SingleFerisWheel &Roll LinkUp
[P] MagicColumn Zoom (or DPT)  -Dave Wilson
[W] SplitPhantomWaves SwingChainThru Twice
[B]/([T]?) ChangeYourImage ?
Bingo = Central CastAShadow
[- - - - ^ v ^ v
 ^ v ^ v - - - -]: SplitPhantomTidalWaves RelayTheShadow [W]
[LO] DiagonalBox WheelTheOcean
IntiallyTwice NuclearReaction
[B] FileToALine [L]  -John Hanes
Mirror StackTheLine
3/4 Crazy Central TeamUp
[SS] H-SpinThePullBut ThePulleyBut  -John Sybalsky
[TF]/[TL] DivideTheOceanLeft
[B] OnceRemoved ReverseThePass
[L.W] OnceRemoved Hinge  (partner hinge)
[Q] Ext Ext "a" LittleMore  ("extend a little more")
[F] Tandem TurnAndDeal
[P] Tandem Recycle  (facing Recycle)
[B] Circle1/4By TripleTrade  -Bill Ackerman
[TW] Concentric StepT (or PasTh) [M]
[interlocked D] ExchangeTheDiamonds 1/4
"Bounce 'em all!" = BounceEveryone
^ ^v v
^ ^v v...TripleBox TrailOff
[TW] AlterTheWave
[TW] Stretch AhSo
[B] RotarySpin &Sprd
[W] Checkerboard TrdWv  (dances nicely)
[1W] Checkerboard SwThr DixiS (etc.)
teach CrossChainThru "to face the outside two"
[W] OwnTheEnds OutRollCirculate By BiasCirculate
OwnThe"C3 (or C4) dancers" Call1 By Call2 (where both calls are equivelant and level appropriate)  -Del Powell
[W] ExtendTheWindmill...
[SS] H-Circle1/4By ChainReaction
SqTh3 Finish RotarySpin  -Mike Jacobs
[P] CrossAndTurn 3X  -Mike Jacobs
[L.D] Cut.D BendL VerticalTag...  (excellent flow)  (many variations may make use of this flow)
[SS] H-PasTh A-TurnTheKey
[F.C] MakeMagic  (do this after several calls in the magic column)
[TW] Stretch ExpWv
['O'] E-Trd  ("Outsides"-Trade)  (confusion who are ends / outsides)
^     v
^ v ^ v
^     v ...6-2AcDcy 1-1/2  [D]  -Mike Jacobs
[1W] TripleBox B-Run  ("G have something to do!")
[F.C](with G as beaus facing) G-CrossAndTurn  (difficult if G are belles!)
    v ^
v v     ^ ^
    v ^	   ...E-1/2Of-HSash  -Andy Shore
Butterfly FirstLeftNextRight  -Andy Shore
PeelAndTrail Trailers-...  (as a designator, e.g. Trailer Hop, Trailers Trade, etc.)
CrossYourNeighbor &Sprd
OffsetWaves ScatterScoot
OwnTheG B-Run By G-Run  (and various combinations)
GrandSingleDPT G-"Single"-, B-"Reverse Single"-Rotate1/4  -Bill Eyler
[B1c]+RLT: SqT@3 Finish DoPas
CheckPoint Nothing By ...  (neat if checkpointers are facing out as a couple in [TD] footprints)
8By CircleBy ...
Initially and Finally Tandem SwingTheFractions
[W] Mirror TurnAndDeal
[0TW] OwnTheB SwThr by SpTop
S-Reverse1/2Crazy PairOff
[L.TW] TurnAndDeal
PassAndRoll YourLeader
1/4Crazy Circulate
[B] FinallyTandem SwThr
[LO] C-Stable WhlDl
[someone]-Stable ExchangeTheBoxes
[t-bone] ExplodeTheDiamond LiftOff
[L] Stable PsOcn
[W] MagicWave ChangeTheCenters
[F] HalfCrazy TwoFace SpTop
- v - v
- v - v
^ - ^ -
^ - ^ - SplitPhantomColumns Release(anything)
[HG] CrossConcentric Circulate
Trapeziod GoodShow
Siamese 1/2 Circualte
[P] Tandem SCirW
[TW] OnceRemoved OnceRemoved Trade  -Lee Kopman
[L] ScatterCirculate
[P] WalkOutToAWave
[M]/[TM] RightRollToAWave Twice
[SS] H-StrTh A-StackTheLine
[B] TradeTheDeucy
[SS] H-PasTh ChangeYourImage
[F] TandemTwosome (push) Ca3/4
[P] Tandem FollowThru
[T] TrdBy &Roll E-PasTh SplitPhantomBoxes LiftOff
Mirror SetsInMotion
[W],etc.: Trailers-KickOff
[P] HocusPocus
1/2Crazy Vertical Tag  (little harder than you might think)
[P] OnceRemoved RLT
[F.C] Magic HocusPocus
[TT] Checkpoint  (unusual formation)
[SS] H-CircleToAWave StretchBox Recyc  -Ben Rubright
[P] OnceRemoved CircleToAWave
[P] OnceRemoved Recyc
[I.L]/[O.L] TurnAndDeal
[F] Stretch Cpl.H
"Pass The" G-"Ocean", B-"Sea"  -Ben Rubright
ExchangeTheBoxes 1-1/2  (6 parts)
[F] Tandem BendL
[QF] Slant SwThr
TravelThru KeepBusy
[B] CtrIn Ca3/4 CrazySpltTradeCirculate
Touch Along  -Vic Ceder
[1W]/[0L]/etc.: 1/2Crazy B-Run  -Vic Ceder
[F] AsCouples CoupleUp  -Vic Ceder
[F] AsCouples Finish CoupleUp  -Vic Ceder
Stable SplitCounterRotate  (same as WlkDg)  -Vic Ceder
[W] Disband Twice
[P] CrossConcentric BendL  -Vic Ceder
Triple Waves Working "this way"  (if no one is in the center triple wave)
Mirror Triple StrTh
B-Run Along (like your mother would say it)
H-PasTh A-CoupleUp  -Mike Jacobs
in or out of blocks: <designated>-"With the phantoms you are facing"-T1/4
[TL] Concentric BendL  (somewhat hard shape changer)
[3by1 D] LineOf3 HereComesTheJudge
>^-FollowThru  (gives triangle)  -Mike Jacobs
Squeeze "and turn an extra quarter"
Crazy Zing
[F.C] F-Start PsOcn   (nice if facers are same sex)
[I.L]/[O.L] SplitTradeCirculate OnceRemoved SplitTradeCirculate
ScootChainThruToAWave Twice Motivate  (all one call)
[L] CatchSwingAndMix3
CounterRotate  (to make the formation fit the room better - will not effect normal resolve)
Stable AhSo
H-MoveIn Concentric HSash  (seems harder than it is)
[Thar] Boys RippleTheWave
... [3W]/[4W] G-Roll, B-Sprd
LinkUp PerkUp
[TF] ReverseCheckpoint Tag By ...  (resulting very centers tempted to keep following)
[Blocks] BigBlock OneRemoved
H-Recyc LinearAction  -Rob French
[TF] OnceRemoved Shazam
H-Stable-PsOcn GL.BR Arnd1
[L.W] A-LeftLoopZero  (same as Trade)  -Rob French
{parallelogram P] TripleBox CounterRotate  (dancers come together)
[L.TL] VCTrd SockItToMe
[Q] FollowThru Twice  (fun after [W] HalfCrazy FollowThru)
[F] G-SingleWheel SiameseCirculate B-SingleWheel Trak2
[F] 1/3 MiniBusy C-Tag  [offset columns / clumps]
[W] 3/3 Recyc  (fun after 1/3 and 2/3 Recyc)  -Rob French
[F] XFire AndCross WheelAnd LSwTh
[C] AndCross CloverAnd ...
[F] Tandem SwitchToADiamond &Roll(indivdually) C-DixiS C4Ext [Galaxy]  (different C4)
[P] Tandem PassIn  -Rob French
[D] SwingAndCircle1/4
SingleRotate "NO quarters"  (use like Roll)
[R-H C1 Phantom waves] G-Phantom Mix  [4 person facing stars]
[4 person facing stars] Shazam  -Rob French
H-PasTh SpltC Twice  (expecting 1-1/2)
HorseshoeTurn C-Twice
[LO] DiagonalBox Vertical1/2Tg
H-PasTh -WheelTheOcean -Weave
H-ReverseCrossAndTurn LiftOff
[0LO]+E-Squeeze: TripleBox ChasR  -Ross Howell
[W] TripleBox Hinge Z-Axel
[L] GoodShow
[TF] Cpl.H KeepBusy
! Parallelogram TripleBox  (WheelThru, etc.)
ReverseOrder Remake  (after ReverseOrder SwThr/QurterThru)
[I.L] StepAndFold
[I.L] SwingOLate
[W] HalfCrazy Hinge
Stretch DropIn  -Ett McAtee
Concetric B-Run LiftOff  -Ett McAtee
Rotary Shazam
[B] HingeTheLock   (Mirror HingeTheCrossLock TheHinge)
[TF] OnceRemoved SingleWheel
Slither eqiv: StretchBox   (call this where Slither is expected)
[LO] Stable WhlDl  -Ett McAtee
[B] ReverseHalfCrazy VerticalHalfTag
[W] Recyc CircleToAWave
[L.C] HocusPocus Prom
[TW] StepAndFold  (hard for centers)  -Ett McAtee
[B] RotarySpin AndCross   -Ett McAtee
[C] FollowThru  (not grand)   -Ett McAtee
[QF] Jaywalk   -Ett McAtee
[LO] Expl& &Roll  ("Explode and Roll")   -Ett McAtee
FYNbr Weave   -Ett McAtee
SplitRecycle Slither   -Ett McAtee
[blocks] designate the center 6
[Lri] LrCastBack  (triple boxes)
"just the G strip"  -Vic Ceder
formation like [SS]+H-MoveIn+S-QuarterR: Siamese  -Vic Ceder
[L] HalfCrazy PassOut WheelAnd ChasR  (lot to think about!) -Anne Uebelacker
Rotary SpTop
Rotary SwThr
WheelAnd Prom
[LO] TripleBox Beau(or Belle) UTurn
Initially AsCouples SCirW
[F] TripleBox Wk&Dg (parallelogram) TwistTheLine
SplitDixieDiamond ChainThru
[interlocked D] ReverseHalfCrazy HalfTag
[lift off formation] CrossoverCirculate  -Ray Brendsey
[T] 100% offset: SplitPhantomWaves InRollCirculate  -Ray Brendsy
[L.C] Wk&Dg WheelAnd SpTop
[W] MagicWave Trd &Roll
[C] Tandem BoxCheckmate
^ ^
 ^ ^
v v
 v v OnceRemoved LeadsWheelTheOcean
[Q] Ext TheK
[TW] Stretch AhSo  -Bronc Wise
[W] Stetch SpTop  -Bronc Wise
[TH] (G outside)  A8-G-RippleTheWave  -Bronc Wise
Rotates from Quarter Box things
Mirror CrossOverCirculate
LiftOff &Sprd
[F] CouterRoate E-Roll C-Wk&Dg LiftOff  -Pete Herman
["O"F] BigBlock Circulate
[L] TheKey
[L.W] ReverseOrder 1/4Thru
[HG]+C-CounterRotate: ReverseHalfCrazy ReverseCutTheDiamond
[W] InitiallyCentral LockersChoice
[F] CouplesTwosome TurnTheKey
^ Grand1/4Mix [L.TW]  -Sue Curtis
CheckerBoard SwitchToADiamond  (diamond adjust)  -Sue Curtis
[T?] OwnTheG CrossFire By EndL  -Sue Curtis
"make the last part reverse" TheGamut
StepAndSqueeze TheAxel "please"
[W] Expl& SwapAround
[P] Tandem SCirW
 v v
 v v
^ ^
^ ^  PressRight
B-"work mirror" A-TallyHo
[C] Stretch SpltC  -Linda Kendall
[F.C] Cir 1-1/2 C6-CounterRotate  -Linda Kendall
WheelAnd WhlAr
EchoTripleBox ShakeDown
[L.W] Expl& Dixie...   -Linda Kendall
[F.C] Concentric PeelO
[W] + C-CounterRotate: Concetric RightRollToAWave
[??] DodgeCirculate LiftOff
[D] ExchangeTheDiamond ChainThru
[QF] OnceRemoved Ext  (?)
[W] RandomOnceRemoved TurnTheKey
[W] DiagonalBox Remake
Parallelogram InvertTheColumn
v v
^ ^
^   TripleBox SwThr
OnceRemoved SplitTradeCirculate
[W] CrazyTrade
TwistAnd PassOut
TripleBox RevolveToAWave
"Press Thru"
[C] DivideTheOcean(Sea) a Little   -Dell Powel
[F] DiagonalBoxCirculate "ding ding"
[W] PatchTheBeaus (several times throughout the tip, then do it from [L.W] where no one's a beau)  -Anne Uebelacker
[SS] ! H-CoupleUp  -Ross Howell
[C] ReachOut Twice
[H] 1/2Cir [D]  -Vic Ceder
[TI.L] Choice
[W] DriftApart KeepBusy
[D] 1/2of- AcDcy [galaxy]  -Ross Howell
SwingTheFractions B-4/5 (C1 phantoms)
asymmetric: Pitch-"the caller"
[SS] H-SqT@3 Split...
Quick Shazam Wk&Dg  -John Sybalsky
HalfCrazy G-KickOff
[TH] Rims(Hubs)TradeBack
[TH] SwingOLate
EightBy ByGolly
[parallelagram L] Sweep "plus 1/8" [B at 45deg]
HalfCrazy Vertical 1/2Tg
Vertical TurnAndDeal
Mirror SwapTheWave
Tandem Roll  -Vic Ceder
[P] Counter CoupleUp
[Lir] C-Wk&Dg Vertical...
use "TheJudge" as a designator  -Vic Ceder
Recoil LikeA HubsTradeBack
[W] ReverseExplode SnapTheLock
Ca3/4 TheGamut
[QB] Quick Expl& T1/4
[L]/[t-bone L] EightBy TrdBy
[parallelagram W] 1/2of- Recyc [W at 45deg]
[1Q] A8Recyc B-Roll
SetsInMotion (where noone lines up giving [Q] with no centers) GrSqr  (facing couples rule)
[W]/[F] CounterRotate E-Roll (or C-Roll)
[B] CtrIn SplitTradeCirculate
H-MovIn CrossConcentric <a box call>
[W] ...AndCross (1/4)WheelTheOcean
[TW] Checkpoint AhSo by AhSo [F.C]
[D] Single RelocateTheDiamond
[M] Stable Clovr
[TF] Stable BendL
[L.W] FYNbr &Sprd ChDTL
[L] FltWh Stretch Sweep
[M] SplitPhantomLine Tag
[QF] InterlockedScootChainThru
[SS] ! H-SingleCrossAndWheel
[HG] Lines FlipD Thru
[W] IntiallyTandem PeelT
[W] HalfCrazy CounterCoupleUp
[D] D.Cir &Sprd
[F] PatchTheLeads
[SS] PatchTheHeads  [F.TH]
[tandem 3 by 1 triangle] ReshapeTheTriangle
[F.C] those facing start SqTh2  -Clark Baker
[TM] HalfCrazy RightRollToAWave  -Clark Baker
[W]/[F] DodgeZing LiftOff
[F] A-RightLoop1 / [L.F] A-LeftLoop1  -ClarkBaker
[general Q] Triple Lines/Waves  -Clark Baker
[SS] H-TravelThru InterlockedPleanty (not Scoot And...)
[F.C] those facing start DoSaD ToWav  -Clark Baker
[interlocked D] FunnyDiamondChainThru
[W] Tandem AhSo
[L] OnceRemoved RLT  (a little harder than you'd think)
[L] ! OnceRemoved FltWh
[parallelogram LO] CtrBox-(call), O-XFold
[L.1C] Tandem PeelAndTrail  "G are trailers!"
[C] Stretch Wk&Dg
[QF] TwoFace SwingAndCircle1/2  -Pete Herman
[TI.L] TripleWave (some R-H, some L-H)  -Pete Herman
3/5 SwingTheFractions  (call with same inflection as 4/5 SwingTheFractions)
[5F] ! "work in your own phantom diamond, some are normal, some are pt to pt, all do your part"-D.Cir [0TF]
ReverseWheelAnd WheelThru
?     ^ ^ v v
  ^ ^ v v       ReverseWheelAnd ...
[W] OwnTheGirls 1/4Thru by RemakeTheWave   -Richard Tuck
[TF] OnceRemoved Slip    -Richard Tuck
T1/4 and CrossYourNeighbor   (sounds like T1/4 AndCross)
Interrupt after the first part with Sprd, TalleyHo
Stretch 1/2Tg
[W] StretchWave 1/2Tg
[3W]/[4W] OwnTheBoys SpTop by FanTp
[D] "in the Flip family... Your Diamond, Your Neighbor, and Your Line"
[0B] SldTh 1/4In
H-WheelFanThru &Roll  (catch those who cheat!)
[W]+C-CouterRotate: A-CouterRotate WithConfidence
[C] CoupleUp WaveTheBoys
[C] Disband Twice (both kinds of formations for Disband)
[TF] AsCouples ReverseExplode (interesting flow into next call)
["L" formation] "L"-Circulate  -Lee Kopman
[F] HingeTheLock
[F] Checkerboard SingleWheel
[parallelogram W] Lines Wk&Dg Thru  (offset so the centers might think they are in L-H box)
[W] DiagonalBox RemakeTheWave
[LO] SplitPhantomLines LineToLine
[SS] H-SplitCatch PeelT 4  (must re-evaluate)
Fascinating CrossRollToAWave
H-StrTh, now throughout the entire rest of the sequence, do every other call (call part) In Tandem
[C] Breaker [D]
(anything)TheK Prom
[F] TradeTheDeucy
[W] 3/4Crazy Circulate  (sounds like 3/4TheDuecy or something)
[L] Belles Jaywalk
[Loi]/[t-bone] LoadB C-SepA1 (or C-Clovr)
[W] Catch PeelT 3
[W] Stable OutRollCirculate
[Lor] DriftApart
[L.W] (Tandom) Mirror LSwTh
[Q] ScootAndRamble TheAxel
[L.I] C-LeftSquareChainTheTop  (feels like it should be a SplitSquareChainTheTop)
Alternate wording: "scatter scoot to a wave" (ScatterScootBackToAWave ToAWave)
Swing (...pause...) Circle 1/2
[TW] 1/2Crazy Slip
S-(a call that takes a while), H-ReverseTruck
H-StrTh "near column"-DPT A-TrailOff (F-PasTh)
[L.Q] JayWalk ALittle  (fun to say fast)
> > < <
    > > < <  TripleBox Wk&Dg  (dodgers face each other throughout)
[W]/[D] ReverseCheckpoint XXX by LoopAnd 1/2Tg
[SS]+H-PasTh: Finish Line To Line
[4W] B-Recyc (4X4 matrix)
[F] Tendem BendL
[Lro] AhSo
Tandem Single RotarySpin  -Vic Ceder
["O" with original S at the top] S-Squeeze (not the sides of the "O")
[W] ReverseExplode E-Bend
[TF] Beaus/Belles Trade
[TW] GrandChain8
H-T1/4 B-Roll Funny SqThr
H-PasTh A-SplitTradeCirculate
ReverseCheckpoint (anything that ends in a diamond)
RotarySpin Twice  (from W second time)
[t-bone] C-PairOff
[W] Scoot TheGamut
[T] InvertTheColumn 1/2
[D] InPointTriangle ExchangeTheTriangle (bucks the usual rule)
CrossCycle RLG
OnceRemoved PeelO Prom
[t-bone] Single Checkmate
FltWh ByGolly  -Wayne Alexander
Checkpoint B-Kickoff By B-Kickoff
Stable Tandem
! [F] Trapezoid Scoot  -Wayne Alexander
[F] MagicLine InRollCirculate  -Wayne Alexander
[I.O] PerkUp
[R] ExplodeTheDiamonds LiftOff  -Wayne Alexander
<anything> &Sprd 'ers Motivate
! [D] InitiallyCentral LittleMore  -Ben Rubright
! [D] StepAndFold CounterRotate
[C] OnceRemoved CrossBack
v . v .
v ^ v ^
. ^ . ^ - Jaywalk  -Ben Rubright
[1W]/[2W] RimsTrade-B-Run
[Parallelogram LO] E-XFold [triple columns]
[L.W] SwThr'ers Motivate
[W] SwapTheWave ReverseWheelAnd...
[I w/ centers F] Regroup
[t-bone B] SpltC-ers-Coord TalleyHo (t-bone diamond ponits 1/2Cir to L-H)
Slip PerkUp
[Triple L.W] Triple Lines 1/2Tag
[B] Stretch PsOcn
[P] CrossAndTurn 3X
[TL3] "each line"-HereComesTheJudge
[O.L] HereComesTheJudge
[S] S-PsOcn HB-Truck  -Mike Jacobs
LittleMore C-1-1/2
ChiselThru B-2/3 Split...
ChiselThru B-Roll Split...
Triple Waves/Lines B/G-PressAhead  -Mike Jacobs
Funny Triangle Circulate 1-1/2 [W]
TrnTh ToAWave
MiniBusy and the outsides Roll
[F] AsCouples LrRun  -Vic Ceder
[F] TwoFace SwitchTheWave  -Del Powell
[F] StretchBox WheelTheOcean
[I.L] ShakeAndRattle  -Pete Herman
[C] Counter CoupleUp
[P] StretchBox Recyc (or RevolveToAWave)
[M] WheelAnd WheelTheSea
[RF] WheelAnd WheelAndDeal &Sprd  (WheelAnd WheelAndSpread?)
>>>><<<< CrossConcentric DPT
[W] OnceRemoved FunnyCirculate [L]  -John Sybalsky
[Facing Couples Thar]: TallyHo - after 1/2.C get [TW] at 45deg  -Vic Ceder
[B] Stretch FltWh
[B] 1/2Crazy Sweep  -Vic Ceder
[0F] Initially Tandem ChDTL
Catch LSwTh 2  (surprizingly difficult)
Like PassIn or PassOut: PassRight
Lines Swing Thru  (not Lines SwingThru Thru)
[L.W] after several 3/4 calls: 3/4Tg
LatchOn1/2 then 1/2LatchOn
1/2Crazy Reset  (full Reset)
[F.C] Funny AL
Little Motivate "as opposed to big motivate"  -Vic Ceder
[L.W] Stretch PeelO
[LO] Stable BendL
[QC] F-"start"-RLT [QF]  -Vic Ceder
t-bone: PhantomWaves SwingTheGamut  -Bed Rubright
t-bone: ExchangeTheBoxes with 2 leaders - one follows the other
<call #1> "replace the *best* part with" <call #2>
2/3of LockersChoice RLG  -Ben Rubright
"Unlike a" CoupleUp  -Ben Rubright
H-SquareChainThru: "left SwThr, left TrnTh, and you're left looking at the sides"  -Vic Ceder
Mirror ExpWv
Grand ChangeTheWave
PassOut SnapTheLock
[TW] C6GrandMix
C-XTrai SepA2
B are once removed from each other: B-RightLoop1
[TP] Double Single DPT (Double?) FaceR
Skip the second part TrailOff
inverted lines: SwapTheWave
B-"work split"- -A8Cir
[5W] B-"work tandem"...
Fascinate "pick-up call"
[P] Reverse3/4Crazy Zoom  -Bryan Clark
[F] BendL BeauWalkBelleDodge [RLG]
[F] BendL WithTheFlow RLG
t-bone exchange, etc: "traffic will be heavy"  -Anne Uebelacker
[I.L],[O.L] RimsTradeBack
[L] PasTh WheelTheOcean/Sea   (thinking WhlDl)
How to do a mirror CtsyT
t-bone "do your part" SqTh3  -Anne Uebelacker
Plenty "Replace box circulates with circulate 2" (A8Cir 2)
C3A H-PasTh WheelTheSea DriftApart SpinThePully
Mirror PassTheAxel
Parallelagram E-TeamUp
[P] Counter CoupleUp
[TD] SqueezeTheDiamond
CounterRotate SHing CounterRotate
[TW] "each wave" RimsTrade LTrnT
[HGxx] EaseOff &Roll
[D] Central EaseOff &Roll
[LO] DiagonalBox ChasR
^ v ^ v ^ v
     ^      "grand" SwingAndCircle 1/4  -Vic Ceder

B^B^ G^
 Gv BvBv
 Gv       B-"work as couple" Trak2
ReverseTheTop Slither
[B] Stretch DixieSashay
Single Shakedown WithTheFlow
Single TurnToALine &Roll
[L] MagicLine Beaus Run
H-Mirror ReverseTheTop
 v  v
  ^^  Trapeziod ScootAndWeave
OwnTheCenters ChiselThrough By PlanAhead
WalkOutToAWave Slither
[L.C] Stable Col.C WheelAnd
H-Vertical 1/2Tg Weave
Stretch FlipBack
[LO] E-CrossKickOff [T]  -Vic Ceder
1/2Crazy Weave
Intially Interlocked Counter  -Vic Ceder
"Sue's wave"-Mix A-Recyc  (same result if they Mix or not)
H-Reflected Vertical 1/2Tg
B-Run Along
1/2Crazy SplitTradeCirculate
H-CrossTrailThru LiftOff
[parallelgram C] WaveTheBoys  -Vic Ceder
[TW] TravelThru
FinallyTandem Catch[anything][number]
DropOut (or ReverseExplode) TripTheSet
1/2Crazy ReverseTheTop
H-ReverseSplitSwap [unknown call] MagicWavesInRollCirc RLG  -Vic Ceder
[LO] "near line"-Trd Tandem HereComesTheJudge "facing out"-Trd symmetric?  -Dave Wilson
Catch3Motivate -vs- CatchMotivate3
[TW] Catch-Catch3-3
1/2PressAhead Crazy Z Circ
[W] StretchRecyc G-2/3, B-Roll
asymmetric: Crazy SplitTradeCirculate  -Vic Ceder
RimsTradeTandemTrade  -Vic Ceder
H-LeadR CtrIn StepAndSlide
Rotary ChDTL
Stable CrossOverCirculate
"O" Beaus Run
[inverted L] Beaus Ca3/4
Recoil 2-1/2 times  -Vic Ceder
"end facing out, jump out of the square" Motivate  -Dave Wilson
CrossCycle Twice

Sorted by program...

  Encorage full AL: ALTAT, ALIAS, etc...
  PromH H-Roll - Check an O (H-Squeeze, MakeMagic, etc..)
  PromH H-WithTheFlow (go ahead, move in)
  Percolate: Cue centers part: "Hinge and stay"
  Counter Rotate  "big drag show"
  Cross&Turn  "go beau" or "beau goes"
  1/2 Now, the other Half Later: Zoom
  Tandem 2/3Recycle (feels like WrapToA...)
  from: >><<
          >><< call TripleBox Wk&Dg
  1/4Top works like AL (AR)
  resolve 1/2Crazy Zing
  XTrail; Regroup
  [1C] G-CtrIn; Siamese...
  S-QtrIn "replace/after each turn (6 of them) with butterfly..." GrSqr
  Magic Circulate 1-1/2
  [LO] By definition: Recyc
  [LO] skip the last part: XFire
  [L.hourglass] SwingTheFractions (very center starts)
  From L.0F: Boys Start, PromH
  [LO] Belles Trade  RLG
  HocusPocus 1-1/2
  AhSo  Sweep  (gimmick)
  T1/4  CrossYourNeighbor
  [W]  FullCrazy AnyHand QuarterThru   -Vic Ceder  3/99
  GrandCrossBack Twice
  PingP LinearAction
  [0B] B-Run- -&Roll A-Scoot (T-bone stars)
  [1F] B-Trd- -&Sprd, G-PressAhead  [triple boxes]
  [0B] MagicCol.C RLG
  after Concetric that should end in lines: "if you need to" CtrIn  -Dave Wilson 5/99
  Twist and "Shout!" (you're home)  -Geo Jedlicka  6/99
  CtrIn StepAnd
  [B](same sex) SldTh TwistAnd SldTh
  [D] HocusPocus
  ZipCode3 &Roll
  TripleCross Wheel&
  t-bone: CrossOverCirculate RLG  -Barry Clasper
  "swing the branches"
  [W] CrossRoll "to a line"
  [C] Cir 1-1/2 ? "those facing start, all finish" ChainReaction  -Ross Howell
  [QB]? ChainReaction  -Ross Howell
  [L.Q] Magic DPT
  [T] Vertical1/2Tag
  [3B] Stretch SldTh
  [??] B-LinearAction, G-TallyHo  -Ross Howell
  [blocks] B-start Squeeze
  [t-bone] ScatterScoot  -Ross Howell
  B-Tandem A8Cir  -Ross Howell
  [t-bone] (Reverse) SwapAround  -Ross Howell

  From SS:  PasTh CrossConcentric Zoom
  Line of 3: 1/2 Crazy UTurn or 1/4 Right, etc.
  [F] or [W]: 1/2 Crazy [ Lockit ]
  Full Crazy = "Completely Crazy"
  From Tidal DPT: Truck
  OnceRemoved in Alamo Ring or RLG Circle
  resolve: [B] OnceRemoved Leaders 1/4In
  [P] SingleWheel OnceRemoved Tandom (and other such)
  SplitCatchInroll Motivate 3, excuse me, 4!  -- Pete Herman 11/5/98
  SplitDixieDiamond from [L] after belle/beau couple individually Quarter In
  [LO] HubsTrade Zing
  SwapTheWave  Shakedown
  ChiselThru but make the last part RLG
  resolve: OnceRemoved StrTh  AL
  TrnTh TheAxel
  [Lio], [Loi] SwapTheWave
  CrossBy Twice AL
  StrTh StackTheLine
  H-T1/4 Funny SplitCounterRotate
  [QD] Little "and 1/2 more"  -Barry Clasper
  "Rims & Hubs" TradeBack  -Barry Clasper
  1/2Crazy SqTh2 HoreshoeTurn
  OnceRemoved SplitTradeCirculate
  [Q] 1/2Crazy FollowThru
  SpltC AndCross
  D.Cir ExchangeTheDiamonds
  CircleBy1/4By1/4 B-Truck
  Stagger OnceRemoved
  Stagger SquareChainTheTopToAWave (then later...) Stagger SquareChainTheTopToAWave ToAWave  -Ross Howell
  StackTheLine 1-1/2 (good way to break counter rotate cheat)
  C-OnceRemoved/AsCouples/InTandem A-HocusPocus  -Ross Howell
  DropOut WheelTheOcean
  Opening biggie: H-LeadR Catch4 RLG

  [LO] SplitPhantomLines Circle 1/2 By 1/4
  1/2 DriftApart
  OnceRemoved T1/4 KeepBusy
  Stable CircleToAWave
  LockersChoice Twice
  StepAndFold WindTheBobbin
  [C] Turn&Deal WindTheBobbin
  TravelThru KeepBusy
  CtrIn StepAndSlide CtrIn SplitPhantom...
  [L.TF] Cpl.H LeadsWheelTheSea
  Stable SwThr Cpl.C

  Own  Central Delight by Central Dillema
  [M] Initially PhantomColumns TrailO
  [SS + H-MovIn] Trapazoid SplitSqTh2
  [F] Twofaced ReverseTheTop
  Mirror AR
  Mirror "thank your square"
  MagicWave SwThr 1-1/2 [W] or [L.W]
  [LQ] Mirror DPT
  E-Fold LiftOff

For more choreo ideas see Choreo-bits (up thru Plus only)