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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Cues/Comments - Advanced
Rich Reel   13 Sep 2003
cue: SwitchTheWave "to the R, to the R..."  (fading like an echo)  -Anne Uebelacker
[HG] "check your glass" ("check your glasses" if more than one square)  -Vic Ceder
cue: Mix: "cross, trade"
cue: ChainReaction "point pass hinge and star, now who casts 3 and-a who moves up"
Slither: "belly-by in the middle"
H-PairOff "repair... (your square)"  (as if some squares weren't ready yet)  --Larry Ward  3/99
[0F] G-Trd "don't slip"
Motivate "turn the star like a ChainReaction"
ChainReaction "turn the star like a Motivate"

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