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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Square Resolution - Advanced
Rich Reel   14 Sep 2003
[L2p] CrossTrailThru 1/4Out AL  (old CrossTrailThru getout)

[w2p] SplitCounterRotate 1/2 RLG
[L2p] PassTheSea SingleWheel RLG  (nice hand change)
stir [SS] All4Couples-T1/4-&Cross UTurn
opener [SS] All4Couples Recyc RLG
stir [SS] All4Couples-RLT All4Couples-PassTheSea All4Couples-Recyc

opener ! [SS] H-PassIn &Sprd PairOff PeelO &Roll DixiG
opener H-PsOcn ChainReaction SpTop Expl& T1/4 AcDcy ScotAndWeave SwingAndMix Ext AL
[5W2p] SwingAndMix Ext AL
[W1p] Expl& Hinge RLG
[L] C-Hinge RLG
[O.L] E-Bend AL (or RLG)
[L1p] RLT Belles-Cross "and" Cross QuarterIn RLG
[5W2p] SplitCouterRotate Twice RLG
[F2p] 1/2Tg 1/4Thru RLG
[L1p] T1/4 Checkmate [5F2p] CrossOverCirculate TradeCirculate Prom
[5L2p] PassIn C-AL RLG
[P2r] (C-SqTh3): DPT Horseshoe Turn AL
[5W2p] G-Run Mix Prom
[5W2p] SpltC Remake RLG  -Ben Rubright
[5W2p] SpltC 1/4Thru PartnerTag AL
[5W2p] Slip Slide Slip Slide RLG  -Ben Rubright
[5W2p] B-Run Tag ZigZag RLG
[5W2p] B-Run Slither B-Run Slip Prom  (G are "slide bombers")
[5W2p] Swing Slip Slide Slither Prom
[5W2p] Lockit Expl& RLG
[5W2p] SingleWheel SqTh3 AL
[5W2p] ExpWv 1/4In RLG
[5W2p] ExpWv 1/4Out AL
[5W2p] RLT (!) RLG  (call the RLT like a RLG to feed dancers' expectation)
[L3p] "Wheel & 1 lines": BxGnt SquareChainThru RLG
[L.F2p] CrossOverCircualte Mix Prom
[5L2p] PassIn C-AL RLG
[L.F2p] TradeCircualte B-Fold RLG
[B2r] (across the street): PassIn PassTheSea A8Cir AL
[B2r] (across the street): PassIn PsOcn TradeCirculate AL
[W2p]/[B2p] SwThr SwitchToADiamond FlipD RLG
[W1p] TradeCirculate A8Cir 1-1/2 AL
[P2r] (C-SqTh3): C-SwThr Ext Swing Slip QuarterIn RLG  (last QuarterIn is most difficult - self correcting)
[B3r] (all with partner out sequence): SwThr Slide SwThr Slither Prom
[L2p] CrossTrailThru 1/4In RLG
[L2p] CrossTrailThru AL  (old time choreo more challenging today)
[P3p] (all with partner out order) C-Recyc, E-QuarterIn RLG  (E-QuarterIn could be "sides face")
[L.0F] CastAShadow AcDcy [5W]  (preserves pairing)
[L2p] PasTh PartnerTag AL  (same as StrTh PasTh)
gimmick: [B1c] ZagZig AL
[P2r] (C-SqTh3 AL): C-SwThr Ext Swing Slip 1/4In RLG
paring: CrossTrailThru TradeBy  (similar result as PasTh TrdBy)
[L1p] SCirW Lockit RLG  (same as PasTh RightRollToAWave Lockit RLG)
[B1c] PairOff &Roll RLG  (same as AL)
at home: [P] C-LeftWheelThru WhlAr
TrailOff Prom
[0P](all paired out of order) C-MkWav ChainReaction RLG
[P] C-SqTh3 AL = C-PassTheSea -ExpWv AL
stir: All4Couples-T1/4 All8-ScootAndDodge PtTrd
[L1p] PasTh WhlDl C-SwapAround AL
[L2p] PasTh WhlDl C-ReverseSwapAround AL
stir: H-WheelThru DivTh SwapAround "in the center" QuarterIn "and bow"
[P] C-SqTh3 AL = C-SqTh3 "and"-PartnerTag CloverAnd DixiG
[W] 1/4Thru 3X  (preserves arrangement, changes axis, rotates set CW 1/4)
stir: H-WheelThru A-WheelThru PtTrd A-WheelThru C-WheelThru A-CalTw
1/4Thru Recyc RLG
stir: H-WheelThru (facing)Recycle B-Run Feris C-Sweep
[0B] DoubleStarThru RLG
[L1p] RLT DixiS Slip SlipTheClutch AL  (same as AcDcy AL)
! [B3r] (all with partner out of order): SldTh SingleWheel &Roll Slip SlipTheClutch AL  (same as AcDcy AL)
[L.W] All8-Slip SlipTheClutch AL (or RLG if [W])
[O.L] EndsBend AL (or RLG)
PtTag 3X RLG
DoubleStarThru &Roll RLG
[0W] SHing QuarterIn RLG  (like SHing &Roll or SingleWheel)
[5B] 8Ch@3 RLG  -Anne Uebelacker
at home: TripleStarThru C-Roll-Twice  Anne Uebelacker
[0W] Slip Slide LA
[2W1p] PartnerTag AL  (nice flow, hand use)
[L2p] DoubleStarThru &Roll RLG
[L2p] "double" SldTh &Roll RLG  (gimmick)
[L.W] Slip SlipC AL
[LO] BeausTrade AL  -Andy Shore
[L2p] PasTh (or [2W1p]) PartnerTag AL
[B4c] T1/4 WlkDg SingleWheel G-TrnTh A-StrTh Prom
Finish DixiG "left..right.." AL
[L] SquareChainThru RLG
[TF] Cpl.H Ptr.H RLG
break: AL A8SpTop 3/4TheTop 1/2TheTop 3/4TheTop RLG Sw&Pr
[5B1o] 8Chn2 RLG
[0B] C-"un"-Pairoff (at home)
[F1p] TurnAndDeal Sweep PsOcn RLG
CloverAnd 1/4Out AL
All4Couples SquareChainThru PtTrd <stir>
All4Couples BxGnt <at home>
[L.W] PeelT RLG
[5B2p] RLT RLG
[L.F] TwoFace SpChX Prom  -Anne Uebelacker
[L1p] PasTh E-Fold RLT RLG  (call the RLT like a RLG to feed dancers' expectation)
[5B] or [5W] (out of seq): RLT; RLG
from [L.5F]: Crossover PromH
[W] Trade Circulate 1-1/2 RLG  -Andy Shore 4/99
[L.W2p] LSwingAndMix RLG
All4Couples RLG -Mike Seastrom
BelleWalk.BeauDodge AL
Opening Biggie:  H-RollA  S-SplitSqTh4  RLG
Asymetric:  H-MovIn; 1-PairO; those who can-SldTh 3X [L]

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