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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Square Resolution - Plus
Rich Reel   28 Nov 2002
[W1p] Hinge FYNbr Ext AL
[B4c] (all with partner in sequence): SldTh RLT DixiS Ext LA  (self correcting L Ext)
[L.W] LSwTh C-Roll Twice Prom
[0P] DivTh &Roll RLG  -Vic Ceder
[1B] RLT &Roll RLG
stir: [L.0W] Ext C-ChDTL, E-Trd
stir: H-FanTp PingP C-Expl& RLT
[L2p] PasTh BendL &Roll C-AL A-RLG
[0L] chg seq: PasTh Tag A-Trd &Roll [0L]
[B2p] StrTh &Roll StrTh &Roll Twice PsOcn RLG
[5TW] LnCyc RLG
H-T1/4 &Sprd S-T1/4 &Sprd A-PeelO PromH
C-"go half way" A-LoadB <at home>
[5W] SwThr &Roll G-TrnTh A-StrTh Prom
[5W] SwThr &Roll G-SwThr G-TrnTh A-StrTh B-Trd Prom
[F1p] Feris C-SwThr PingP Twice &Roll "if you can!" RLG
[0B] SwThr RLG = SCirW C-Trd RLG
G-RunL AcDcy Prom
[I] PingP C-PingP <at home>
[L2p] T1/4 Col.C Twice SHing Expl& RLG
WhlDl &Roll LA
Feris &Roll Prom
from a line of GGGG facing a line of BBBB + StrTh: DixiG
getout: [0W] SwThr &Roll DPT B-UTurn StrTh Prom
RLG on3rd BxGnt DixiG  -Andy Finch
[TW] Expl& C-Roll "you're home!"
1/2of- TrdBy "are we holding R hands?" Expl& "you're home!"
[L1p] SCirW Expl& RLG
[5W] Expl& E-Roll <at home>
stir: H-2LChn H-PsOcn PingP C-SwThr- 1-1/2 C-Expl&   -Vic Ceder
same sex SldTh C-"work with the phantoms in front of you" A-SldTh &Roll "bow ptr"
[B2p] SwThr Twice B-Run Prom
[1W] G-Trd C-Roll AL
[L.W] SwThr &Roll RLG
[W] LSwTh &Roll RLG
at home C-Expl&- -BxGnt (also [5W] choreo)
A8Cir 1-1/2 Expl& <at home / stir>  ("go home")
H-Pr1/2 StrTh DPT Clovr DPT Trak2 BxGnt RLG TrnTh AL Prom
[5W1p] SHing &Roll SldTh &Roll RLG
LSwTh G-RunL AcDcy &Sprd Prom
G-RunL AcDcy Recyc RLG
facing D: FlipD Prom
WhlDl &Roll AL
[B2r] SldTh PsOcn A8Cir &Sprd AL
G-Run TrdWv RLG
T1/4 SpltC B-Run &Roll G-"face him" RLG
Expl& FwdBk RLG (carefull timing)
A8Cir &Sprd LA
SqT@3 R.PBy AL
[T] A-Trd-&Roll C-Trd-&Roll RLG
Break: WlkAC TPtrL H-TeaCC AL Prom
[TW] or [W] ExpWv AL
SHing &Roll LA
SwThr SHing &Roll (to resolve)
[L.W] SwThr B-Roll Prom (RolPr)
  [5W] Expl&  SldTh  AL
  [0TW] LoadB  AL
  [5L] LoadB  RLG
  [Ring] B-UTurn  DixiG
  resolve: [0P] C-StepW- TrdWv  Ext  LA
  Resolve at home: DixiG  On the 3rd hand SldTh
  Resolve: from Thar: Expl& you're close!
  Stir: [3B] PsTTC  &Roll  A-SldTh
  SpltC 1-1/2  FlipD  RLG
  [Q] B-only-PingP  C-Expl& "you're home"
  PtTrd  &Roll - 3x RLG
  [M] DixiG
  Singing call: FYNbr & spread your arms and Sw&Pr
  TrdWv  AL
  SwThr  &Sprd  AL
  Facing [D]: Sw&Pr
  [L.D] FlipD  AL
  [L.5D] Cut.D  Prom
  A8SpTop  A8Recyc  CirL
  LChas  AL
  Resolve: C-Run-&Roll "to look at an ear" "you're home"
  Resolve: [S] + H-SqTh4  SldTh  RLT  StrTh  C-Roll <at home>
  [S] + H-SqTh4  SqTh2  UTurn] BxGnt  &Roll  AL  full turn  RLG  (interesting hand use)
  [TW] Expl&  RLG
  SqT@3  T1/4  &Roll  RLG
  SqT@3  DixiG
  G-PeelO  RLG
  G-PeelO  AL
  Magic Column: DixiG  (G in the center)
  singing call: FYNbr  &Sprd (or 1/2 a Sprd)  Sw&Pr -equiv to- Scoot  Sw&Pr
  [0M] B-PeelO  (do your part) Cpl.C  WhlDl  B-LHStr  Once  PkUpG  Prom
  H-WhlAr .... DixiG resolve
  [TW] Expl&  RLG
  Expl& "Step And Flip" AL
  ExpWv  C-StepA, E-UTurn  AL
  from [L.0F] after 1/2 Cir: B-D.Cir  Prom
  [0W] SwThr  Ext  RLG
  [L.5W] TrdWv  RLG
  singing call: ChasR  "then chase her again"  Sw&Pr
  end the tip: FYNbr "you better spread.  You better bow ... to the partner right there"
  [5W]: B-Trd  Ext  RLG
  ReDcy  &Sprd  AL
  [1L]: SldTh  DixiG
  [Q]: DixiG
  [5C]: PeelO  Prom
  [L.C]: Corrd  Prom
  [5W] AcDcy  RLG
  [2W] FYNbr  Sprd  RLG
  [0Q] A-Scoot  RLG
  SwThr  &Roll  DixiG
  LSwTh  &Roll  DixiG (nicer hand use for centers)
  [S] CirL  CirR  Pr.SF  B-UTurn  DixiG
  ...RLG  A8SpTop  B-RunR  Prom
  for stir/at home: A-Trd- &Roll  C-Trd- &Roll
  [0L] SldTh  C-Roll <at home>
  DixiG "but use the last hand to start a" WWGnd "R, L, ..."
  [M]: DixiG
  ChasR RLG
  PeelT RLG
  [B] just the C-Trd- &Sprd GrSqr
  [0W] B-Cir 1-1/2 G-Trd- &Sprd- UTurn AL   -- Nasser Shukayr  10/23/98
  [W] Ca3/4 &Roll AL
! [0TW] B-Fold PeelT RLG  -- Mike DeSisto  10/31/98
  E-only- or C-only- LoadB while others...
  [5W] DixiG
  LoadB C-"replace your last PasTh with" A-DixiG
  [L.W] Ext AL
  [0P] C-SldTh DixiG "cue: C-R.PBy, A-L.PBy, A-R.PBy"
  [Thar] DixiG
  [L.W] LHing &Roll AL (or RLG)
  BendL &Roll
  WhlDl &Sprd C-StrTh AL
  G-"only"-PingP  (or B-"only")
  TrnTh Trd &Roll [0L] -> [0B]  [0B] -> [0L]
  [P] C-Trd-  -&Roll <at home>
  [2LO] E-Run  SHing  C-Trd- -&Roll  A-RLG
  Cut.D .5Cir BendL <at home>
  [0D] FlipD  G-Uturn  Prom   --Lee Kopman   3/99
  SwThr  Trd  &Roll  RLG
  [Lxx] Trd  &Roll  RLG
  BendL  C-Roll  A-StrTh
  [Lro] C-LChas RLG    --Del Powel  4/99
  [Llo] C-LChas Prom
  [B1c] everyone across from home: SldTh PasTh BendL SldTh C-Roll <at home>
  [5LO] A-Trd E-Roll
  [5LO] BendL E-Roll
  [W] C-Trd --&Sprd --AL
  [1L] E-LoadB, C-BxGnt- -BkAwy <at home>:
                C-SqTh3- -CtsyT <at home>:
  [TW] RearB RLG
  [S] C-RollA- -StrTh- -&Roll = C-RLT
  [0L] PasTh BendL C-Roll AL
  [5L] PasTh BendL C-Roll RLG
  [L.W] 3/4Tg RLG
  [0W] SwThr AcDcy RLG
  DixiS ExpWv AL
  Expl& E-Roll <at home>
  [L.5F] AcDcy &Sprd Prom
  [LO] C-Run- -&Roll, "new"-C-Trd <at home>
  [Q] PingP C-ExpWv <at home>
  [L.C] Coord Prom

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