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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Singing Call Breaks and Figures - Advanced
Rich Reel   24 Apr 2008

For bucket stirs see Get-outs

Use MS and Plus singing call figures and replace...   (use figures you already know)

Formatn MS/Plus       Advanced
------- -----------   -------------------------------------
        StrTh       = PassIn (or PasTh 1/4In as applicable)
        SwThr       = Swing Slip
[B]     SwThr       = PasTh RightRollToAWave Slip
        SCirW       = PasTh RightRollToAWave
        SpTop       = Swing FanTp
        &smp;Sprd       = "and" Slide
        Cpl.C WhlDl = CrossOverCirculate TurnAndDeal
[L]/[B] SqTh3 Sw&smp;Pr = PassTheSea ExpWv Sw&smp;Pr
                    = PassTheSea Mix Sw&smp;Pr
                    = PasTh RightRollToAWave Lockit Sw&smp;Pr
                    = PasTh SingleWheel DPT LrUTurn Sw&smp;Pr
[L]     PsOcn A8Cir = PassTheSea CrossOverCirculate
[L]     PsOcn       = PasTh PartnerHinge
[W]     TrdWv       = Mix
[W]     Scoot Sw&smp;Pr = ScootAndWeave Sw&smp;Pr
[L]/[B] T1/4        = ! PasTh ZigZag
[C]/[Z] PeelT       = ! PeelAndTrail Lockit  (hard from Z)
        BxGnt       = PassOut 1/4In


H-PsOcn ChainReaction B-Run Cpl.C CrossOverCirculate TurnAndDeal PasTh RightRollToAWave Sw&smp;Pr
H-SqTh4 SCirW B-Trd, G-Fold PeelT SingleWheel PasTh RightRollToAWave Lockit Sw&smp;Pr


ALIAS Balnc SwThr (Balnc) All8-1/4Thru 3/4Top 3/4Top Sw&smp;Pr
Use 3/4Top in place of A8SpTop

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