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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Square Resolution - Mainstream
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002
at home: C-HSash- FaceI
[B1c] [L.W1c] "find the corner" LSwTh "left" SpTop StepT AL
[P1c] C-SwThr Ext SwThr G-Run PsOcn RLG
[L2p] SldTh 8Chn1 AL
stir: H-LeadR VeerL Cpl.H C-Cpl.H A-BendL
[L.0W2p] Recyc VeerR Prom
SwThr B-XFold Swing (or B-"your part"-Recyc)
[0L1p] TrnTh ("Face your partner") RLG
sequence?: PsOcn SHing Wk&Dg PtTrd
[sahayed magic box column] SHing C-Trd Ca3/4 RLG  -Bob Elling
[AW] A8Wk&Dg <at home> or <stir>
[5B1p] PasTh C-T1/4, E-Clovr, CGRun RLG
[0L] T1/4 G-Run LSwTh [L.0W]  (LTrnT RLG ???)
[0F] TagI PasTh WhlDl C-AL RLG
[W2p] SHing G-Run PsOcn RLG
[0W] SwThr G-Cir Recyc RLG
[L.W] A-Fold RLG
[L.0W] SwThr B-Cir Recyc RLG
[0C] SHing FanTp RLG
[TW] C6LHing C6Col.C 1-1/2 C4FaceI, O-BendL <at home>
T1/4 Scoot Scoot "face your ptr" RLG
[5F1p] BendL G-Fold A-StrTh Prom
1L.2R E-Fold RLG
LHing B-UTurn Prom
<at home> C-SwThr- -Ca3/4- -GUTurn
ALTAT cue RemakeTheThar RLG
[0F] Tag Clovr G-TrnTh StrTh Prom
[L1p] SqTh4 TrdBy 8Chn3 AL  -Tim Morgan
H-3 SepA1 StrTh DPT Trak2 SwThr B-Trd TrnTh AL Sw&Pr
[0W] B-Fold, G-UTurn RLG
[L.0F] G-Fold RLG
[F] B-Fold PasTh RLG
B-Fold StrTh Prom
[5B] TrnTh AL
ALIAS Balnc RHing B-Fold S.F. WWPrm B-BkTrk 2x DoPas Prom
Thar: Scoot RLG
[B1p] TrnTh TrdBy PasTh TrdBy RLG
[W1p] A8Cir TrnTh TrdBy RLG
[W] Ca3/4 G-UTurn B-Cir Prom
[L.W1p] B-Fold Prom
[W] SHing UTurn AL
[L.W] C-Wk&Dg C-Run AL
[LW] LTrnT RLG (=AL)
[X.D] C-Hinge AL
[Lri] "couple"-BendL "miniwave"-SHing AL
[L.W] SpChT  G-Cir  AL
[L.0W] G-Run  G-Trd  WhlAr  B-Trd  Prom
[L.0-tidal-2F] FanTp  Prom
[L.0W] Recyc  VeerR  Prom
[L.5W] Recyc  RLG
[L.Q] Ext  LA
!![L.W] 1/2 Scoot Prom
after Wk&Dg, BW.GD, etc... B-Dodge, G-BakUp  AL
from [L.W] LHing  RolPr
[5W] Recyc  RLG
[0W] Recyc  AL
[5W] Recyc  PasTh  RLG
SwThr  Recyc  RLG
Resolve at home: PsTTC  C-SldTh
From appropriate sex facing lines: Slide Thru (to end in a magic column) Those Facing Do Your Part Zoom  Everyone 1/2 Zoom  RLG
1/2Tg  "face your parnter"  RLG
Shoot  TrnTh  AL  Prom
Tag  "she goes L, he goes R" AL
Tag  G-FaceR, B-FaceL RLG
stir: (?) 4LCh3  H-PsOcn  B-(only)-Ext  Recyc  C-Sweep
SldTh w/ the corner
[L.0W] G-RunL  WhlAr  Prom
DixiS  B-Trd  LSwTh  CtsyT  RolPr
[L.5F] G-XRun  Prom
A-SldTh  C-SldTh <at home>
[T-bone box] SHing  G-UTurn  Prom
[T-bone box] SHing  B-Run  Prom
8Chn5-1/2  CG-RunL  Prom
[L.5W] G-XFold  RLG
From L.0F: Boys Start, Prom Home
Resolve at home: [0T] E-Pr1/2  C-...
Prom (B-together, G-together) G-WhlAr
use Pinwheel formation to resolve at home
! E-XRun AL
[B] 8Chn3 AL
[0C] Wk&Dg AL
[5B] facing in seq: TrnTh AL
[L.0QF] Prom
...RLG  TrnTh  AL
CtrIn C-Fold YelRk
[L] SqTh2 C-SqTh2 A-"start a..."-Clovr RLG!/AL!
1/2 Clovr RLG
[0P] GW.BD B-UTurn AL -or- BW.GD G-UTurn AL
[L.0F] in seq: Cpl.H C-Cpl.T "couples" Prom  (gimmick - from [L.0TF])
Tag FaceI E-Twice
[P] "s-out" C-BxGnt- -SwThr- -SHing AL
[5W]/[5B] SwThr TrnTh TrdBy RLG
[0W]/[0B] SwThr TrnTh TrdBy AL

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