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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Intro / One Night Stand Choreo
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

"tidbits gathered from near and far"

PasTh = "do 1/3 of a"-DoSaD "its a PASS THRU (lookin' at somebody new)"
[SS] H-R.PBy "and to your left" PromH
[SS] FltWh - use 2LFltWh like 2LChn - use 4LFltWh like 4LChn
H-Pr1/2 H-2LChn (also for singing call figures)
G-FwdBk B-FwdBk "4 girls chain"
talk about 2 kinds of hand holds
[S] G hands out in front palms down, B hands beside palms up. JoinH this way CirL
H-PasTh S-PasTh A-CtsyT PromH
what's hard about A8Cir: formation dissappears
[0L] E-DoSaD
B-StarL StrPr "home"
"face your corner" Swing "face your new corner" Swing ...
DoSaD Twice
PasTh Face-"your ptr" (poor man's SldTh)

Choreography ideas:
4LCh1, 4LCh4  (variety)
4LStarR "find your partner, the next one is your corner" AL "your corner"


Singing Call:




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