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Rich Reel     28 May 2005

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  • Formation/Arrangement Diagrams
  • Graphic Formation Diagrams

    FASR Notation   ( [B1c], etc. )

    Overview of terms - FASR

  • Formation
  • Arrangement
  • Sequence
  • Relationship
  •   Formation Choreo Bits  Get-outs 
    8 Chain Thru (Box)     [B]      B1c  B2r  B4c  B3r  B1p  B2p
    Column [C]
    Diamonds [D]
    2 Face Lines [F]  F1p  F2p
    [L.F]  L.F1p  L.F2p
    "I" Formation [ I ]
    Facing Lines [L]  L1p  L2p  L3c  L4r  5L1p  5L2p
    Lines Facing Out [LO]
    Completed DPT [M]
    Magic Column [F.C]
    Double Pass Thru [P]  P1p  P2p  P4p  P3p
    Quarter Tag [Q]
    Quarter Box [QB]
    Quarter 2 Face Line [QF]
    3/4 Tag [R]
    3/4 Box [RB]
    3/4 2 Face Line [RF]
    Squared Set [S] Get-ins
    Trade By [T]
    Tidal 2 Face Line [TF]
    Tidal Line [TL]
    Tidal Wave [TW]
    Parallel Waves [W] W1p W2p 5W1p 5W2p 1W1p 1W2p 2W1p 2W2p

     Yellow background   - indicates Callerlab recognized notation

    Each Arrangement Diagram has Formation shown on the left and the 6 Arrangements shown on the right.  The Formation part of the diagram shows only the facing direction of the dancers.  The Arrangement part of the diagram shows only where the boys and girls are within the formation - facing directions are the same as shown under Formation.

                       ^ = Dancer facing "North"
    B = Boy            v = Dancer facing "South"
    g = Girl           > = Dancer facing "East" 
                       < = Dancer facing "West" 




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