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Choreo Bits from
[M] Completed DPT Formation
Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000

 Formation     ------------------  Arrangement  ------------------
    [M]        0         5         1         2         3         4
    ^ ^       B g       g B       B B       g g       B g       g B

    ^ ^       B g       g B       g g       B B       g B       B g

    v v       g B       B g       g g       B B       B g       g B

    v v       g B       B g       B B       g g       g B       B g
                                                      [3M] or [4M]

[0M] Norm Completed DPT

    --Clovr [0P]
    --CtrIn [1LO]
    LrTrd   [0B]
    LrCalTw [0B]
    A-Trd   [0P]
    A-CalTw [0P]
    --1L.2R [0L]
             --BendL [0L]
                       --PasTh  --WhlDl [0P]  (balanced flow)
    --1R.2L [0L]  (nice flow balance after WhlDl + DPT)
    --1R.2R  --WWPrm   --JoinH  --CirL  [0S]
    B-RunR  [1C]
    G-RunL  [L.1C]
    --FaceI [1L]
    B-FaceR, G-FaceL [1L]
    --FaceO  --BendL [2L]
             --WhlDl [2P]
    --FaceR  --Feris [2P]
    --CtrOu  --BendL [1L]
    C-Trd   [0T]
  ! --Zoom
    LrUTurn  --SwThr  B-Run   [0L]
             "same sex"-SldTh  G-TrdL, B-TrdR  C-PtTrd [0L]
    LrClovr, O-HSash-  -SepA1 [0L]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --Trak2 [0W]
    --PeelO [2L]
             --StrTh  --Trak2 [0W]
             --LoadB  --SwThr  B-Run   [0L]
    --Clovr  --&Sprd [1L]
    A-Trd    --&Sprd "lines" [1L] (fun after Trd &Sprd used like Squeeze)
    --CtrIn  --Ca3/4  --&Roll [0M]  (zero)
  ! B-PeelO, G-FaceL "all couples" A8Cpl.C  A8WhlDl CirR [1S]
  !!"at same time" G-Trak2, B-Col.C "G holding L-H in C" F-PasTh [0T]

[5M] Sash Completed DPT

    --UTurn [0P]
             --Zoom  (call quickly - fun overflow)
    G-Run    B-Run   [0P]
    --Clovr  C-TrnTh  --DivTh  C-LTrnT [0B]  (R-H free)
    A-HSash  --Clovr [0P]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --CtrIn  --Ca1/4  --&Roll [0P]
    --FaceI  --&Roll [0P]  (gimmick - same as UTurn)

[1M] Completed DPT - Girls in the center

    B-Trd   [1B]
    --1L.2R [1L]
    --BL.GR [1L]
    "put G in"--Ca3/4  [3L]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    B-Clovr, G-Trd-    -&Roll [1P]

[2M] Completed DPT - Boys in the center

    G-Trd   [2B]
    --1L.2R [1L]
    --GL.BR [1L]
    "put B in"--Ca3/4  [3L]

[3M] Completed DPT - Centers sashayed

    --HSash  --FaceO [0LO]
    --CtrIn  C-Fold  [0B]
  ! --CtrOu  C-Run    C-Trd   [0L]   (gimmick - reevaluate centers)
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --Clovr  --&Sprd [0L]
    LrClovr, O-Trd-    -&Roll [0P]

[4M] Completed DPT - Ends sashayed

    --FaceO [0LO]
             --BendL [0L]
    --CtrOu  --BendL [0L]
    A-Trd-    -FaceI [0L]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --PeelO [0L]
             --BendL [0L]
    A-Trd    --&Roll [0L]


[3M] or [4M]

    B-Run    F-PasTh [2T]   (B in the center)
    B-UTurn  F-PasTh [2T]
    G-Run    F-PasTh [1T]   (G in the center)
    G-UTurn  F-PasTh [1T]