Rich Reel's Basic / Mainstream Teaching Order

Circle Left/Right
Forward And Back
Allemande Left
Right And Left Grand
Single File Promenade
Star by the Left/Right (Left/Right-Hand Star)
Star Promenade
Couples Promenade
[Yellow Rock / Stack The Wood]
Pass Thru
Promenade 1/2
Courtesy Turn
Four Ladies Chain
Two Ladies Chain
Ladies Chain 3/4
Ladies In Men Sashay
Grand Square
Swing   (demo)

Lead Right/Left
Veer Left/Right
Couples Circulate
Bend The Line
Face Partner (in lines)
[4 Circle 1/2] (Circle Up 4 Half Way)

Star Thru   (demo)
California Twirl   (demo)
Dive Thru

Square Thru (1-5)   (demo)
Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends Circulate (2F lines)
Arm Turns  (Turn Partner/Corner by Left/Right)
Weave The Ring

Wheel And Deal (lines facing out)
Centers Trade (2-face lines)
Chain Down The Line
Ladies/Men Promenade Inside

Right And Left Thru
Separate (around N to line)
[sashayed handhold]
Walk Around Corner (All Around Left Hand Lady)
See Saw

[concept of styling: Weave, Dosado, Prom]
Boys/Girls/Ends Trade (2F lines, L-H 2F lines)
Partner Trade (normal)
Trade By

Rollaway (ring, lines, box formation)
Sweep 1/4
Split The Outside Couple
U Turn Back

Come down/into the middle
Wheel And Deal (2F line)
Double Pass Thru
First Couple Left Next Right
[singing call 'star figure']
Do Paso (& Roll Promenade)
Thar / Slip the Clutch
Wheel Around (Promenade Don't Stop)
Left Square Thru
Face In/Out/Left/Right

(step to an) Ocean Wave (Make A Wave)
Swing Thru  (R-H waves)
Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends Run
Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends Trade (waves)
Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends Circulate (waves)
Ferris Wheel

Alamo Style and Balance
Alamo Swing Thru
Dosado To A Wave
Touch 1/4
Column (Single File) Circulate
Reverse Flutterwheel

Pass The Ocean   (demo)
Extend (1/4 tag -> waves)
All Eight Circulate
Swing Thru (facing couples)

Circle To A Line (Circle Up 4)
Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar
Shoot The Star
Couples Trade / Trades (removed)
Swing Thru / Left Swing Thru (L-H waves)

Split/Box Circulate
Box The Gnat   (demo)
Wrong Way Grand
Wrong Way Thar
Half Sashay
Partner Trade, Square Thru (sashayed)
             ------- MAINSTREAM -------
Slide Thru
Turn Thru   (demo)
8 Chain Thru (8 Chain N)

Scoot Back   (demo)
Single Hinge
Tag The Line

Walk And Dodge
Centers In
Cast Off 3/4
Couples Hinge

Spin The Top   (demo)
Pass To The Center

Dixie Style
Cross Fold
Half Tag

Spin Chain Thru  (demo)
Cross Run    []=not on the list

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