Rich Reel's Plus Teaching Order

Tea Cup Chain
Load The Boat
Grand Swing Thru
Single Circle To A Wave

Ping Pong Circulate
Diamond Circulate
Cut The Diamond
Trade And Roll (Partner, Column)

Chase Right
Track 2
Acey Deucey
Slide Thru And Roll, Touch 1/4 And Roll

Trade The Wave
Follow Your Neighbor   (demo)
Flip The Diamond
Hinge And Roll, Cut The Diamond And Roll

Spin Chain And Exchange The Gears (demo)
Peel Off
Dixie Grand
Scoot Back (from columns, 1/4 tag)

[] = not on the list
Linear Cycle (waves only)
[Tag and Extend concept]
3/4 Tag
Extend (from waves to 3/4 tag)
Swing Thru And Roll, Trade By And Roll

(Anything) And Spread
Left Chase
Explode The Wave
Trade The Wave And Roll

Fan The Top
Right And Left Thru And Roll

Spin Chain The Gears
All 8 Spin The Top
Bend The Line And Roll

Peel The Top
Explode And (anything)
Wheel And Deal And Roll

Relay The Deucey   (demo)
Explode And Roll


Revised 15 Apr 2014 by Kurt Gollhardt, Original by Rich Reel    Also see Callerlab Plus Program Documents