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special feature
Promenade Out of Sequence Get-outs
Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000

"...Promenade Don't Stop... Now what?!"


  Standard arrangement, all with original partner, out of sequence
    Get-outs... Help! - Notation Reference
   "Who are the Heads(Sides)?..."

   H-WhlAr  H-Arch   S-DivTh "H don't forget CalTw" --Prom    (gimmick)
            --RLT    --SqTh3 S-WhlAr A-Prom
            --PasTh  H-WhlAr A-Prom
                     A-1/2of- -WhlAr --Prom
   H-Arch   S-Prom "under"   --Prom    (gimmick)
   H-"you're leaders"-Zoom   --Prom
  (CirR  LyIMS  CirL  LyIMS) --CirL "H in S sashay" "stay as a couple!" --AL
    Conversions...   (to regular get-outs)
   H-WhlAr [L2p] out seq
            --SldTh [B1p] in seq
            --PsOcn [W1p] in seq
            --RLT   [L1p] in seq
            --PasTh  --BendL [L1p] in seq
                     --WhlDl [P3r] "s-out"
                              S-WhlAr "probably in the C" [P4c] "s-in"
   "HG and B with you"-WhlAr [L2p] out seq  (same as H-WhlAr)