Ben Rubright's C4 Call List

© January 1996 Ben Rubright

Ben's C4 Call List in Postscript format.

1/4 | 3/4 Cross
(Any Call) and 1/4 More
1/4 | 3/4 the Alter
n-n-n 1/4 the Alter
n-n-n-n 1/4 the Alter and Circulate
1/4 | 3/4 the Alter and Circulate
n-n-n-n 1/4 the Deucey
n-n-n-n Relay the Top
1/4 | 3/4 Wheel to a Diamond

(Anyone) Advance to a Column
All 8 Recycle Variations e.g.
All 8 Cross Cycle
All 8 Cycle and Wheel
Alter the Diamond
(Anyone) Right | Left Anchor n/4
Anchor the (Anyone) and (Any Call)
(Any Call) An Anchor (But (Any Call))
(Any Tagging Call) and Dodge
(Any Tagging Call) Back
(Any Tagging Call) and Spin
(Any Tagging Call) Eroo
(Any Tagging Call) er's Flow
(Any Tagging Call) er's Flow but Criss Cross It
(Any Tagging Call) the Yellow Brick Road
(Any Tagging Call) the Yellow Bricking (Any Call)
(Any Tagging Call) to a Dia. | Hourglass | Intlk Dia.
(Any Tagging Call) your (Cross) (Criss Cross) Neighbor

Barge the Action
Barge Thru
Barrel of Fun
Beep Beep
Bits and Pieces
Brace Yourself
(Anyone) Break the Alamo
Bridge the Gap
Bring us Together
Buckle and (Any Call)

Cast a Net
Centers Cut Out
Centers Out
n/4 Chain and Circulate In
Chain Reaction But (Any Call)
Change Lanes
(Reverse) Change O
Change the Apex
Chase the Tag
Chip Off
Circle 1/2 to a Wave
Circle the Tag
Clean Sweep n/4
(Any Call) Clear out
Clear the Centers for an (Any Call)
Clover the Horn
Clover the Wave
Cloverleaf Turn
Collapse the Setup
Complete the Tag
Connect the Diamond
Continue to Invert the Column
Contour the Line
Convert the Triangle
(Any Call) Cooperate (But (Any Call))
Coordinate to a Diamond
(Any Call) Cover Up (But (Any Call))
Create a Column
Create a Diamond
Criss Cross Follow to a Diamond
Criss Cross Steps at a Time
Criss Cross the Diamond
Cross and Divide
Cross Breed Thru
Cross Cycle [facing couples]
Cross Follow Thru
Cross Linear Cycle
Cross Sashay
Cross to a Diamond | Hourglass | Intlk Dia.
Crosstown Roll
Curl Apart
(Anyone) Curve Right | Left
Cut Across
Cut the (Anything)
Cycle and (Any Call)
Deuces Wild
Diamond Inlet | Outlet
Diamond Recycle
Divi Up
Dixie Chain
Dixie Derby
Dixie Spin
Double Down
Double the Wave
(Cross) (Criss Cross) Double your Pleasure

Easy Does It
Ends Cut In

Fall into a Column
Fan the Gate (ing Any Call)
Fan Back
Fan (and Cross) Thru
(Anyone) Finish the Stack
First Choice | (Any Call)
Flare the Star
Flip the (Anything)
Follow and Criss Cross
Follow and Cross
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Follow the Yellow Bricking (Any Call)
Follow to an Hourglass | Intlk Dia.

Go First Class

Hang a Right | Left
Hang Loose
(Any Call) the Hinge
Hit the Wall
(Anyone) Hop
Hot Foot Spin
Hourglass Inlet | Outlet

Inroll to a Wave
Invert the Tag

Jam Thru

Kick the Habit

Lead the Class
Lead the Way
Lift Off But (Any Call)
(Any Call) Like a Rigger
Linear Action but (Any Call)
Lock Em Up
Long Trip

(Cross) Make a Pass (But (Any Call))
(Anyone) Mark Time
(Cross) Mini Pleasure
Mix the Line

Nice and Easy
Nip and Tuck

Open Ups (Any Call)
Orbitboard (Any Call)
(Right | Left | Twin) Orbit Circulate Outpost
Outroll to a Wave
(Cross) Pair the Line

Pass and Roll Your Criss Cross Neighbor
Pass the Top
Peel and Trail the Deal | Trail and Peel the Deal
Peel the Wave
(Anyone) Pinwheel
Press for Time
Push Off
Push Open the Gate

Quick Change

(Cross) Reactivate to a Diamond
Relay the Diamond
Relay your Pleasure
Remember the Alamo
(Cross) Replace the Column (But (Any Call))
Reverse the Diamond
Ride the Tide
Right | Left On [n]
Rip the Line
Roll Em
Roll out the Barrel
Roll out to a Column
Roll the Wave
Round Off
Round the Horn
(Cross) Run Away
(Anyone) (Cross) Run the Top
(Anyone) Run the Wheel
Run Wild

Scatter Follow to a Diamond
Scoot Apart
Set Back
Settle Back
Shadow (Formation) (Any Call)
Shadow the Column
Shadow to a Diamond
Ship Ahoy
Short and Sweet
Short Cycle
Short Trip
Shuttle (Direction | (Any Call))
Single Hinge and Trade
Single Scoot and Trade
Snap the Diamond
Snap the Tag
Soft (Any Call)
Spin Back
Spin Chain and Circulate In
Spin Chain and Circulate the Gears
Spin Chain the Star
Spin Tag the Deucey
Splash (Any Call)
Split Cast
Split the Difference
Square Out
Square the Barge n/4
Square Turn Thru [n]
Stack the Wheel
Star to a Wave
Step Lively
(Cross) Straight Away (But (Any Call))
Strike Out
Stroll and Cycle
Stroll down the Lane
Swing About
Swing to a Column
(Anyone) (Cross) Swivel

Tag Circulate
Tag the Star
Tally Ho But (Any Call)
Tap the (Anyone)
The Action
The Difference
(Anyone) Tie
Touch n/4
Touch and Go n/4 By n/4
Touch of Class
Touch Tone (n/4 | (Any Call)) By (n/4 | (Any Call))
Track 0, 1, 3, 4
(Cross) Trade your Neighbor
Trans (Any Call)
Triple Cast
Triple Play But (Any Call)
Triple Turn
Trixie (Spin)
Tunnel (Thru) (Direction | (Any Call))
Turn and Left Thru
Turn and Q
Turn and Weave
Turn Away
Turn By
Turn On
Twin Orbitboard (Any Call)

Unwrap (Any Formation)

Veer and Turn n/4 By n/4
Vertical Turn and Deal

Walk out to a Column
Walk the (Cross) Clover
Walk | (Any Call) the Plank
Wheel Fan and Cross Thru
Wheel to a Diamond | Hourglass | Intlk. Dia.
Wipe Out
With Finesse
With Magnetism

You All

Zip the Top
Zoomroll Circulate
Zoomroll to a Wave

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Lynette Bellini
January 17, 1996