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Plus Ring Figures

Rich Reel   23 Apr 2000

TeaCC Setups
  --WlkAC --TPtrL H-TeaCC
          --DoPas --TPtrL H-TeaCC
!         --LT1/4 --SwThr "squeeze L hands" --LSwTh G-RunL H-TeaCC
  --4LChn --4LChn H-TeaCC
  --4LCh3 --4LChn --4LCh3 H-TeaCC
  --4LCh4 H-TeaCC
  4LStarR --TPtrL H-TeaCC

TeaCC Spice
  H-TeaCC "you know the B can do this!" A-RollA "HB center"-TeaCC
  S-TeaCC "H to the R, H to the R, H to the R..."  -Andy Finch
  H-RollA "HB goes in, S work normal"  H-TeaCC  H-RollA


  --AL    A8SpTop B-Run   "around your G, keep her..." --Prom
  --AL    A8SpTop A8SpTop --RLG   
  --AL    A8SpTop A8SpTop B-Run   --WWPrm
  H-PsOcn VC-"make an arch" S-PsOcn --A8SpTop --RLG

  H-PasTh- -Clovr S-"start"-DixiG --AL  A8SpTop "when you meet her" WWGnd "meet her again" A8SpTop --RLG  
 ...DixiG "R, L, R" --SldTh --JoinH --CirL --4LRollA --CirL --AL
                                           --LyIMS   --CirL --AL "this corner" --Fwd2 --AThar --Shoot --RLG
 ...DixiG "meet corner w/ L" A8SpTop --AL --FullT "find partner"--Swing!
  --JoinH --CirL ... --&Roll --Pr.SF ...


Add to the begining of many figures for variety...

  "face your corner"--DixiG --CtsyT  (like all 4 couples RLT)
                            --SldTh --CirL