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"If You Want To" Square Dance Choreo

Rich Reel   8 Feb 2004

If You Want To = IYWT  (Just prettiest couples, youngest, smartest, etc.)

  [ I edited these adding my call abbreviations to make them more compact ]

Theory - Explained by Tom Fromm in post to sd-callers Aug 2002
  [B1c] (toss in ReDcy to get them away from home spot) SwThr B-Run BendL StrTh
  Now you have the setup you want: [B] all have their corner as their partner.
  Imagine that you draw a rectangle box around each of these couples
  and use that box as a "starting point". At the end of each move or
  sequence of moves, you want to bring them back into the same box.
  Their facing direction or if some get sashayed doesn't matter.
  At times, only some dancers will be able to do a call.
  Use calls or a series of calls equiv to SqTh3. When you call something to
  them, say IYWT-XXXX. If it's a series of calls, say "if you did that, do YYYY,
  so you get them back to their original "starting point".
  eg. IYWT-RLT if you did then PasTh. (If they are facing another square, they can
  perform the move with them)
  Some may be sashayed which increases difficulty. Fewer calls = more success.
  (An added touch: say "I think I got myself in a jam.")
  GETOUT - Everyone face your partner (not necessarily your original)

The following were collected by Clark Baker and posted to sd-callers Aug 2002

Tony Oxendine  Dec 1997
  [B1c] StrTh PasTh WhlDl [P]
    Treat the formation as two columns instead of [P]
    Call anything that moves them from side to side
    (IYWT- PtTrd, HSash, SqTh3, U-Turn, etc.)
    If you move them forward then you must put them back
    (eg. IYWT-PasTh - if you did then RLT, etc.)
    Resolution is: Face your partner PasTh WhlDl C=PasTh AL

Nelson Labor  Dec 1997
  [SS] IYWT-Face your corner and BxGnt (square up like this)
    H-SqTh4 DoSaD SwThr C-Run Feris C-PasTh
    IYWT PasTh again. If you did UTurn
    A-StrTh BendL RLT StrTh AL

  [SS] IYWT-Face your corner and BxGnt (square up like this)
    S-SqTh4 SwThr E-Cir, C-Cir A8Cir C-Run WhlDl PasTh UTurn
    IYWT-T1/4 - if you did FaceR
    A-StrTh BendL SqTh3 AL

  [SS] H-SqTh4 IYWT-BxGnt SqTh2 Tag Clovr IYWT-Zoom DPT CtrIn
    face your partner BxGnt T1/4 A8Cir (any number) B-Run AL

  [SS] IYWT-Face your corner and BxGnt (square up like this)
    Any ONE couple (choose one) back to back separate go 1/2 way around squeeze in
    line of 4-FwdBk BendL SqTh3 Sw&Pr G-RolBk RLG

  [SS] 4LChn H-LeadR Cir2L IYWT-HSash PsOcn IYWT-Scoot Hinge SwThr
    E-Cir-Twice C-Run Tag.I IYWT-FltWh PasTh WhlDl C-PasTh MkWav
    IYWT-E-Trd IYWT-C-Trd SwThr A8Cir C-Run Feris DPT LrUTurn StrTh E-Fold MkWav
    E-Trd C-Trd A8Cir RLG

Nate Bliss   Dec 1997
  [B1c] IYWT-BxGnt  (all still facing their corner)
    Call anything that brings them back facing their corner
    eg. SwThr AcDcy C-Run BendL (transition to Lines) PasTh WhlDl C-FanTp ExpWv
    Now that they are facing the same corner again, the get-out would be:
    StrTh BenL (Corner Lines) RLT SldTh AL

  [B] ZERO: T1/4 FYNbr IYWT-Sprd "but you don't have to!" (Some R-H, some L-H Waves)
    Explode whatever wave you have PtTrd PsOcn (ZERO + Step to a wave)

Jim Kline   Sep 1998  (gathered from 1980 caller's clinic)
  [SS] IYWT-Face your corner and BxGnt (square up like this)
    Any ONE couple (choose one) back to back separate go 1/2 way around squeeze in
    line of 4-FwdBk BendL SqTh3 AL look for partner RLG

  [SS] H-T1/4 Wk&Dg T1/4 BxCir B-Run RLT PasTh WhlDl DPT
    IYWT-CalTw all face partner IYWT-BxGnt
    SqTh3 PtTrd PasTh WhlDl C-PasTh StrTh BendL SldTh SqTh3 AL

  [SS] 4LCh3 H-Pr1/2 S-SqTh3
    If you can and IYWT-CtrIn Ca3/4
    If you are not - Face the center
    If you did and IYWT-CalTw
    If you are not - Face the center
    PasTh WhlDl Zoom PasTh AL


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