16 Possible Pairings with Standard Arrangement
- with Head/Side Variations -
Box / 8-Chain Formation
Rich Reel   26 Nov 1999

 Gv3 Bv3
 B4> <G2
 G4> <B2
 B^1 G^1
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 1B> <G5 4B> <G4
 2G> <B2 3G> <B3
 4B> <G4 3B> <G3
 1G> <B1 2G> <B2
[B1p] [B2p]  1B> <G5 2B> <G2
 4G> <B4 3G> <B3
 4B> <G4 1B> <G1
 3G> <B3 2G> <B2
 1B> <G3 4B> <G2
 4G> <B2 1G> <B3
 4B> <G2 3B> <G1
 3G> <B1 4G> <B2
[B1o] [B2o]  1B> <G3 2B> <G4
 2G> <B4 1G> <B3
 4B> <G2 1B> <G3
 1G> <B3 4G> <B2
 1B> <G4 2B> <G3
 1G> <B4 2G> <B3
 4B> <G3 1B> <G2
 4G> <B3 1G> <B2
[B4c] [B3r]  1B> <G2 4B> <G3
 1G> <B2 4G> <B3
 4B> <G1 3B> <G2
 4G> <B1 3G> <B2
 1B> <G2 2B> <G1
 3G> <B4 4G> <B3
 4B> <G1 1B> <G4
 2G> <B3 3G> <B2
[B4r] [B3c]  1B> <G4 4B> <G1
 3G> <B2 2G> <B3
 4B> <G3 3B> <G4
 2G> <B1 1G> <B2

 1B> <G4 4B> <G3
 1G> <B2 2G> <B3
 4B> <G3 3B> <G2
 4G> <B1 1G> <B2
[B1c] [B2r]  1B> <G2 2B> <G3
 1G> <B4 4G> <B3
 4B> <G1 1B> <G2
 4G> <B3 3G> <B2
 1B> <G2 4B> <G1
 3G> <B2 4G> <B3
 4B> <G1 3B> <G4
 2G> <B1 3G> <B2
[B1r] [B2c]  1B> <G4 2B> <G1
 3G> <B4 2G> <B3
 4B> <G3 1B> <G4
 2G> <B3 1G> <B2
 1B> <G1 2B> <G4
 2G> <B4 3G> <B3
 4B> <G4 1B> <G3
 1G> <B3 2G> <B2
[B4p] [B3p]  1B> <G1 4B> <G2
 4G> <B2 3G> <B3
 4B> <G4 3B> <G1
 3G> <B1 2G> <B2
 1B> <G3 2B> <G2
 4G> <B4 1G> <B3
 4B> <G2 1B> <G1
 3G> <B3 4G> <B2
[B4o] [B3o]  1B> <G3 4B> <G4
 2G> <B2 1G> <B3
 4B> <G2 3B> <G3
 1G> <B1 4G> <B2